RRC ID 43517
Author Seki T, Morimura S, Ohba H, Tang Y, Shigematsu T, Maeda H, Kida K.
Title Immunostimulation-mediated antitumor activity by preconditioning with rice-shochu distillation residue against implanted tumor in mice.
Journal Nutr Cancer
Abstract We investigated the ability of rice-shochu postdistillation residue (RSDR) to stimulate the activity of macrophages. RSDR significantly stimulated mouse macrophage activity and induced significant IL-12 production in vitro. In syngeneic C38 solid tumor model in mice, a diet containing 1.0% RSDR caused a significant suppression of tumor growth and prolonged the life span of the tumor-bearing mice. Further, using this model, mice fed for 21 days with RSDR showed significantly increased levels of serum IL-12 and IFN-gamma compared with controls. Moreover, the splenic NK cell activity of mice fed with RSDR was significantly elevated compared with that of mice on a normal diet and thereby suppressed C38 tumor growth. We also investigated the tumor growth suppressing effect of RSDR using a tumor model of B16-F10 melanoma cells. Dietary preconditioning with RSDR significantly suppressed B16-F10 tumor growth. Moreover, RSDR significantly increased the production of IL-12 either before or after B16-F10 tumor implantation. These results suggest that dietary RSDR suppresses tumor growth by stimulating the immune system of the host.
Volume 60(6)
Pages 776-83
Published 2008
DOI 10.1080/01635580802277709
PII 905459742
PMID 19005977
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