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Author Ouji Y, Ishizaka S, Nakamura-Uchiyama F, Yoshikawa M.
Title In vitro differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into inner ear hair cell-like cells using stromal cell conditioned medium.
Journal Cell Death Dis
Abstract Hearing loss is mainly caused by loss of sensory hair cells (HCs) in the organ of Corti or cochlea. Although embryonic stem (ES) cells are a promising source for cell therapy, little is known about the efficient generation of HC-like cells from ES cells. In the present study, we developed a single-medium culture method for growing embryoid bodies (EBs), in which conditioned medium (CM) from cultures of ST2 stromal cells (ST2-CM) was used for 14-day cultures of 4-day EBs. At the end of the 14-day cultures, up to 20% of the cells in EB outgrowths expressed HC-related markers, including Math1 (also known as Atoh1), myosin6, myosin7a, calretinin, α9AchR and Brn3c (also known as Pou4f3), and also showed formation of stereocilia-like structures. Further, we found that these cells were incorporated into the developing inner ear after transplantation into chick embryos. The present inner ear HC induction method using ST2-CM (HIST2 method) is quite simple and highly efficient to obtain ES-derived HC-like cells with a relatively short cultivation time.
Volume 3
Pages e314
Published 2012-5-24
DOI 10.1038/cddis.2012.56
PII cddis201256
PMID 22622133
PMC PMC3366087
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