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Author Hill ES, Iwano M, Gatellier L, Kanzaki R.
Title Morphology and physiology of the serotonin-immunoreactive putative antennal lobe feedback neuron in the male silkmoth Bombyx mori.
Journal Chem Senses
Abstract In the male silkmoth Bombyx mori, olfactory information is relayed from olfactory receptor neurons in the antennae to the antennal lobe, and then to a variety of protocerebral neuropils. Currently, very little is known about neuromodulators that may affect the dynamics of this olfactory neural network. Immunocytochemical studies have revealed the presence of a serotonin-immunoreactive (SI) neuron that, in several insect species, is thought to provide feedback to the antennal lobe. To date, no studies have revealed details of this neuron's physiology. Using intracellular recording and staining, the silkmoth SI neuron (in two individuals) was first characterized physiologically and then stained with Lucifer Yellow to reveal morphological details. Immunocytochemical methods were also used to confirm the presence of serotonin. The silkmoth SI neuron branched in many important brain neuropils such as the mushroom body, central body, lateral accessory lobe and antennal lobe. The SI neuron in both individuals fired spontaneous, long duration action potentials, and responded to mechanosensory stimuli to the antennae.
Volume 27(5)
Pages 475-83
Published 2002-6-1
DOI 10.1093/chemse/27.5.475
PMID 12052784
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