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Author Kobayashi M, Nagashio R, Ryuge S, Murakami Y, Yanagita K, Nakashima H, Matsumoto T, Jiang SX, Saegusa M, Satoh Y, Masuda N, Sato Y.
Title Acquisition of useful sero-diagnostic autoantibodies using the same patients'sera and tumor tissues.
Journal Biomed. Res.
Abstract Cancer tissues are comprised of various components including tumor cells and the surrounding tumor stroma, which consists of the extracellular matrix and inflammatory cells. Since the tumor stroma plays critical roles in tumor development, investigation of the tumor stroma in addition to tumor cells is important to identify useful tumor-associated markers. To discover novel and useful sero-diagnostic markers, a comparative study of tumor-associated autoantibodies (AAbs) in sera from lung adenocarcinoma (AC) patients was investigated by two-dimensional immunoblotting with AC cell lines or each autologous AC tissues. Autoantigens identified from tissue and cell line samples comprised 58 (45 antigens) and 53 spots (41 antigens), respectively. Thirty-six proteins including Transforming growth factor-beta-induced protein ig-h3 (BIGH3) and Hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 1 (HAPLN1) were detected only from tissues, 32 proteins only from cell lines, and 9 proteins from both. BIGH3 and HAPLN1 expressions were confirmed in the tumor stroma, but not in AC cell lines by immunostaining and immunoblotting. These data suggest that autologous tumor tissue and serum are important to coincidently detect AAbs derived from the tumor stroma in addition to tumor cells.
Volume 35(2)
Pages 133-43
Published 2014
PII DN/JST.JSTAGE/biomedres/35.133
PMID 24759181
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