RRC ID 45157
Author Yonezawa K, Sugihara Y, Oshima K, Matsuda T, Nadano D.
Title Lyar, a cell growth-regulating zinc finger protein, was identified to be associated with cytoplasmic ribosomes in male germ and cancer cells.
Journal Mol Cell Biochem
Abstract Translational control is a basic mechanism for gene regulation in cells and important for tissue growth and development in mammals. Deregulation of the mechanism thus causes diseases such as cancer. Considering the importance of the ribosome as a factory of polypeptide synthesis, some new factors have been expected to be associated with the ribosome and involved in translational control. Our proteomic survey for these factors identified a zinc finger protein, Lyar, in cytoplasmic ribosomes of the rodent testis. Subcellular fractionation of the testis provided data supporting association of Lyar with ribosomes. Lyar was then suggested to be included in the 60S large subunit, but not in polysomes, by ultracentrifugation of testicular ribosomes. While analysis of tissue distribution of Lyar has indicated its testis-predominant expression, Lyar mRNA was expressed in the cancer cells originated from tissues other than testis, and Lyar promoted proliferation of NIH-3T3 cells. Furthermore, translation was increased by Lyar in vitro, pointing out the first experimental link between this protein and translation. Taken together, Lyar seems to be a new player in translational control and a potential target for cancer therapy.
Volume 395(1-2)
Pages 221-9
Published 2014-10
DOI 10.1007/s11010-014-2128-x
PMID 24990247
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