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Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) , 293(RCB1637) High-affinity tuning of single fluorescent protein-type indicators by flexible linker length optimization in topology mutant.
DNA material pN1-cAMPinG1 (RDB19691) , pAAV-eSyn-cAMPinG1-NE-WPRE (RDB19692) , pAAV-eSyn-cAMPinG1-ST-WPRE (RDB19693) , pAAV-eSyn-RCaMP3-WPRE (RDB19694) A multicolor suite for deciphering population coding of calcium and cAMP in vivo.
Silkworms silkworm Effective expression and characterization of the receptor binding domains in SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins from original strain and variants of concern using Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus in silkworm.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB1886) Transduction and Genome Editing of the Heart with Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors Loaded onto Electrospun Polydioxanone Nonwoven Fabrics.
Human and Animal Cells PC-3(RCB2145) , LNCap.FGC(RCB2144) Pharmacologically targetable vulnerability in prostate cancer carrying RB1-SUCLA2 deletion.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Biophysical insights into the dimer formation of human Sirtuin 2.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) , A549 Evaluation of Astatine-211-Labeled Fibroblast Activation Protein Inhibitor (FAPI): Comparison of Different Linkers with Polyethylene Glycol and Piperazine.
DNA material pEGFP-C1-FOP(FGFR1OP) (RDB20236) RABL2 interacts with the intraflagellar transport-B complex and CEP19 and participates in ciliary assembly.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) Effects of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) on gene expression profiles via nuclear receptors in HepaRG cells: Comparative study with in vitro transactivation assays.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 , HuH-7 Identification of HSD17B12 as an enzyme catalyzing drug reduction reactions through investigation of nabumetone metabolism.
Human and Animal Cells MDCK(RCB0995) , 293T(RCB2202) Antigenic analysis of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 sublineages co-circulating in Egypt.
Drosophila DGRC119070 , DGRC119071 A high-performance genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for in vivo cAMP imaging.
Human and Animal Cells HiDEP-1(RCB4554) GAPDH is involved in the heme-maturation of myoglobin and hemoglobin.
Human and Animal Cells HUDEP-2(RCB4557) ZNF410 Uniquely Activates the NuRD Component CHD4 to Silence Fetal Hemoglobin Expression.
Human and Animal Cells HUDEP-2(RCB4557) Increasing the efficiency and targeting range of cytidine base editors through fusion of a single-stranded DNA-binding protein domain.
Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis Molecular functions of the double-sided and inverted ubiquitin-interacting motif found in Xenopus tropicalis cryptochrome 6.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP ETS transcription factor Etsrp / Etv2 is required for lymphangiogenesis and directly regulates vegfr3 / flt4 expression.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP UBTOR/KIAA1024 regulates neurite outgrowth and neoplasia through mTOR signaling.
Human and Animal Cells HUDEP-2(RCB4557) Whole-genome sequencing association analysis of quantitative red blood cell phenotypes: The NHLBI TOPMed program.
Human and Animal Cells KP4(RCB1005) MAT2A Inhibition Blocks the Growth of MTAP-Deleted Cancer Cells by Reducing PRMT5-Dependent mRNA Splicing and Inducing DNA Damage.