RRC ID 45618
Author Nagy S, Huang YC, Alkema MJ, Biron D.
Title Caenorhabditis elegans exhibit a coupling between the defecation motor program and directed locomotion.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract Distinct motor programs can be coupled to refine the repertoire of behavior dynamics. However, mechanisms underlying such coupling are poorly understood. The defecation motor program (DMP) of C. elegans is composed of a succession of body contraction and expulsion steps, performed repeatedly with a period of 50-60 sec. We show that recurring patterns of directed locomotion are executed in tandem with, co-reset, and co-terminate with the DMP cycle. Calcium waves in the intestine and proton signaling were shown to regulate the DMP. We found that genetic manipulations affecting these calcium dynamics regulated the corresponding patterns of directed locomotion. Moreover, we observed the initiation of a recurring locomotion pattern 10 seconds prior to the posterior body contraction, suggesting that the synchronized motor program may initiate prior to the DMP. This study links two multi-step motor programs executed by C. elegans in synchrony, utilizing non-neuronal tissue to drive directed locomotion.
Volume 5
Pages 17174
Published 2015-11-24
DOI 10.1038/srep17174
PII srep17174
PMID 26597056
PMC PMC4657007
MeSH Animals Caenorhabditis elegans / physiology* Calcium Signaling Defecation / physiology* Exocytosis Intestines / physiology Locomotion* Secretory Vesicles / metabolism
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