RRC ID 46660
Author Oh WC, Song HO, Cho JH, Park BJ.
Title ANK repeat-domain of SHN-1 Is indispensable for in vivo SHN-1 function in C. elegans.
Journal Mol Cells
Abstract Shank protein is one of the postsynaptic density (PSD) proteins which play a major role in proper localization of proteins at membranes. The shn-1, a homolog of Shank in Caenorhabditis elegans, is expressed in neurons, pharynx, intestine, vulva and sperm. We have previously reported a possible genetic interaction between Shank and IP₃ receptor by examining shn-1 RNAi in IP₃ receptor (itr-1) mutant background. In order to show the direct interaction of Shank and IP₃ receptor as well as to show the direct in vivo function of Shank, we have characterized two different mutant alleles of shn-1, which have different deletions in the different domains. shn-1 mutants were observed for Ca²+-related behavioral defects with itr-1 mutants. We found that only shn-1 mutant defective in ANK repeat-domain showed significant defects in defecation, pharyngeal pumping and fertility. In addition, we found that shn-1 regulates defecation, pharyngeal pumping and probably male fertility with itr-1. Thus, we suggest that Shank ANK repeat-domain along with PDZ may play a crucial role in regulating Ca²+-signaling with IP₃ receptor.
Volume 31(1)
Pages 79-84
Published 2011-1-1
DOI 10.1007/s10059-011-0007-9
PMID 21191812
PMC PMC3906869
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