RRC ID 47048
Author Wang QM, Bai FY.
Title Molecular phylogeny of basidiomycetous yeasts in the Cryptococcus luteolus lineage (Tremellales) based on nuclear rRNA and mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequence analyses: proposal of Derxomyces gen. nov. and Hannaella gen. nov., and description of eight novel Derxomyces species.
Journal FEMS Yeast Res
Abstract Phylogenetic relationships among the hymenomycetous yeasts in the Cryptococcus luteolus lineage of the Tremellales were examined based on sequence analyses of the 18S rRNA gene, 26S rRNA gene D1/D2 domain, internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region including 5.8S rRNA gene and mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. In addition to the Dioszegia clade, two clades represented by Bullera mrakii and Bullera sinensis, respectively, were revealed to be well-separated monophyletic groups in the lineage. These clades also exhibited distinguishable colony characters. Two new genera, Derxomyces gen. nov. (type species: Derxomyces mrakii comb. nov.) and Hannaella gen. nov. (type species: Hannaella sinensis comb. nov.), are proposed to accommodate the species in the B. mrakii and B. sinensis clades, respectively. Mainly based on D1/D2 and ITS sequence comparison, eight novel Derxomyces species were recognized from ballistoconidium-forming strains isolated from plant leaves. The new species and their type strains are as follows: Derxomyces boekhoutii (AS 2.3758(T)=CBS 10824(T)), Derxomyces hainanensis (AS 2.3467(T)=CBS 10820(T)), Derxomyces linzhiensis (AS 2.2668(T)=CBS 10827(T)), Derxomyces pseudocylindrica (AS 2.3778(T)=CBS 10826(T)), Derxomyces qinlingensis (AS 2.2446(T)=CBS 10818(T)), Derxomyces simaoensis (AS 2.3571(T)=CBS 10822(T)), Derxomyces wuzhishanensis (AS 2.3760(T)=CBS 10825(T)) and Derxomyces yunnanensis (AS 2.3562(T)=CBS 10821(T)).
Volume 8(5)
Pages 799-814
Published 2008-8-1
DOI 10.1111/j.1567-1364.2008.00403.x
PMID 18616607
MeSH Basidiomycota / classification* Basidiomycota / cytology Basidiomycota / genetics* Basidiomycota / metabolism Cluster Analysis Cytochromes b / genetics DNA, Fungal / chemistry DNA, Fungal / genetics* DNA, Ribosomal / chemistry DNA, Ribosomal / genetics DNA, Ribosomal Spacer / chemistry DNA, Ribosomal Spacer / genetics Fungal Proteins / genetics Molecular Sequence Data Mycological Typing Techniques Phylogeny* RNA, Ribosomal / genetics RNA, Ribosomal, 18S / genetics RNA, Ribosomal, 5.8S / genetics Sequence Analysis, DNA Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
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