RRC ID 47241
Author Hoshino A, Jayakumar V, Nitasaka E, Toyoda A, Noguchi H, Itoh T, Shin-I T, Minakuchi Y, Koda Y, Nagano AJ, Yasugi M, Honjo MN, Kudoh H, Seki M, Kamiya A, Shiraki T, Carninci P, Asamizu E, Nishide H, Tanaka S, Park KI, Morita Y, Yokoyama K, Uchiyama I, Tanaka Y, Tabata S, Shinozaki K, Hayashizaki Y, Kohara Y, Suzuki Y, Sugano S, Fujiyama A, Iida S, Sakakibara Y.
Title Genome sequence and analysis of the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea nil.
Journal Nat Commun
Abstract Ipomoea is the largest genus in the family Convolvulaceae. Ipomoea nil (Japanese morning glory) has been utilized as a model plant to study the genetic basis of floricultural traits, with over 1,500 mutant lines. In the present study, we have utilized second- and third-generation-sequencing platforms, and have reported a draft genome of I. nil with a scaffold N50 of 2.88 Mb (contig N50 of 1.87 Mb), covering 98% of the 750 Mb genome. Scaffolds covering 91.42% of the assembly are anchored to 15 pseudo-chromosomes. The draft genome has enabled the identification and cataloguing of the Tpn1 family transposons, known as the major mutagen of I. nil, and analysing the dwarf gene, CONTRACTED, located on the genetic map published in 1956. Comparative genomics has suggested that a whole genome duplication in Convolvulaceae, distinct from the recent Solanaceae event, has occurred after the divergence of the two sister families.
Volume 7
Pages 13295
Published 2016-11-8
DOI 10.1038/ncomms13295
PII ncomms13295
PMID 27824041
PMC PMC5105172
MeSH Base Sequence Brassinosteroids / biosynthesis DNA Transposable Elements / genetics Evolution, Molecular Genes, Plant Genome, Plant* Ipomoea nil / genetics* Molecular Sequence Annotation Reproducibility of Results Sequence Analysis, DNA* Transposases / metabolism
IF 12.121
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