RRC ID 48083
Author Nishijima S, Asami Y, Uetake N, Yamagoe S, Ohta A, Shibuya I.
Title Disruption of the Escherichia coli cls gene responsible for cardiolipin synthesis.
Journal J. Bacteriol.
Abstract The cls gene of Escherichia coli is responsible for the synthesis of a major membrane phospholipid, cardiolipin, and has been proposed to encode cardiolipin synthase. This gene cloned on a pBR322 derivative was disrupted by either insertion of or replacement with a kanamycin-resistant gene followed by exchange with the homologous chromosomal region. The proper genomic disruptions were confirmed by Southern blot hybridization and a transductional linkage analysis. Both types of disruptants had essentially the same properties; cardiolipin synthase activity was not detectable, but the strains grew well, although their growth rates and final culture densities were lower than those of the corresponding wild-type strains and strains with the classical cls-1 mutation. A disruptant harboring a plasmid that carried the intact cls gene grew normally. The results indicate that the cls gene and probably the cardiolipin synthase are dispensable for E. coli but may confer growth or survival advantages. Low but definite levels of cardiolipin were synthesized by all the disruptants. Cardiolipin content of the cls mutants depended on the dosage of the pss gene, and attempts to transfer a null allele of the cls gene into a pss-1 mutant were unsuccessful. We point out the possibilities of minor cardiolipin formation by phosphatidylserine synthase and of the essential nature of cardiolipin for the survival of E. coli cells.
Volume 170(2)
Pages 775-80
Published 1988-2
PMID 2828323
PMC PMC210721
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