Author Klugmann M, Symes CW, Klaussner BK, Leichtlein CB, Serikawa T, Young D, During MJ.
Title Identification and distribution of aspartoacylase in the postnatal rat brain.
Journal Neuroreport
Abstract Aspartoacylase metabolizes N-acetylaspartic acid to produce L-aspartate and acetate. An aspartoacylase deficiency in humans is responsible for Canavan disease, a lethal autosomal recessive leukodystrophy. The role of aspartoacylase in the mammalian brain is unclear. Here we have generated and characterized a highly specific polyclonal antibody against aspartoacylase which recognizes a 37 kDa monomer and a dimer in normal but not in aspartoacylase-deficient rat tissue. Aspartoacylase protein expression sharply increases at P14, peaks at P28 and plateaus thereafter. Biochemical analysis reveals immunoreactivity in cytosolic but not in membrane fractions. Histologically, most abundant expression was observed in white matter tracts and thalamus. On the cellular level, aspartoacylase immunoreactivity is restricted to oligodendrocyte somata in both white and gray matter.
Volume 14(14)
Pages 1837-40
Published 2003-10-6
DOI 10.1097/01.wnr.0000090955.15465.dd
PMID 14534431
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