RRC ID 49568
Author Toguri T, Umemoto N, Kobayashi O, Ohtani T.
Title Activation of anthocyanin synthesis genes by white light in eggplant hypocotyl tissues, and identification of an inducible P-450 cDNA.
Journal Plant Mol Biol
Abstract Eggplant seedlings (Solanum melongena) grown under red light irradiation showed a normal morphology with green, fully expanded cotyledons. When the seedlings grown under red light were irradiated with ultraviolet-containing white light, anthocyanin synthesis was induced in the hypocotyl tissues, especially when a UV light supplement was added. The accumulation of pigments was closely associated with the expression of genes involved in flavonoid synthesis. These genes include chalcone synthase (CHS) and dihydroflavonol 4-reductase (DFR). Using subtracted probes, which had been enriched for the accumulated mRNA, one white light-responsive cDNA was identified as being a P450 gene by comparison with database sequences. The maximal amino acid homology this cDNA had with other P450s was 36%. This was with CYP71 from avocado (Persea americana). Thus it represents a new P-450 family, which has been named CYP75. The mRNA of this gene was localized in the hypocotyl tissues of eggplant seedlings, which had been white light-irradiated. The transcript was accumulated by changing the light source, as in the case of other flavonoid biosynthesis genes. In delphinidin producing petunia plants, the mRNAs corresponding to the eggplant P-450 and flavonoid biosynthesis genes such as CHS and DFR were most abundant during the mid stage of flower bud development, but could not be detected in leaf tissues. These results suggest that this P-450 gene encodes a hydroxylating enzyme involved in flavonoid biosynthesis.
Volume 23(5)
Pages 933-46
Published 1993-12-1
DOI 10.1007/BF00021810
PMID 8260632
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