RRC ID 49627
Author Madisen L, Garner AR, Shimaoka D, Chuong AS, Klapoetke NC, Li L, van der Bourg A, Niino Y, Egolf L, Monetti C, Gu H, Mills M, Cheng A, Tasic B, Nguyen TN, Sunkin SM, Benucci A, Nagy A, Miyawaki A, Helmchen F, Empson RM, Knöpfel T, Boyden ES, Reid RC, Carandini M, Zeng H.
Title Transgenic mice for intersectional targeting of neural sensors and effectors with high specificity and performance.
Journal Neuron
Abstract UNLABELLED:An increasingly powerful approach for studying brain circuits relies on targeting genetically encoded sensors and effectors to specific cell types. However, current approaches for this are still limited in functionality and specificity. Here we utilize several intersectional strategies to generate multiple transgenic mouse lines expressing high levels of novel genetic tools with high specificity. We developed driver and double reporter mouse lines and viral vectors using the Cre/Flp and Cre/Dre double recombinase systems and established a new, retargetable genomic locus, TIGRE, which allowed the generation of a large set of Cre/tTA-dependent reporter lines expressing fluorescent proteins, genetically encoded calcium, voltage, or glutamate indicators, and optogenetic effectors, all at substantially higher levels than before. High functionality was shown in example mouse lines for GCaMP6, YCX2.60, VSFP Butterfly 1.2, and Jaws. These novel transgenic lines greatly expand the ability to monitor and manipulate neuronal activities with increased specificity.
Volume 85(5)
Pages 942-58
Published 2015-3-4
DOI 10.1016/j.neuron.2015.02.022
PII S0896-6273(15)00137-3
PMID 25741722
PMC PMC4365051
MeSH Animals Gene Targeting / methods* Hippocampus / chemistry Hippocampus / physiology Integrases / biosynthesis Integrases / genetics* Mice Mice, Transgenic Neurons / chemistry Neurons / physiology* Optogenetics / methods* Organ Culture Techniques Visual Cortex / chemistry Visual Cortex / physiology
IF 14.415
Times Cited 339
DNA material YCX2.60/pCS2 (RDB15455)