RRC ID 50477
Author Yamasaki Y, Lim YM, Niwa N, Hayashi S, Tsuda L.
Title Robust specification of sensory neurons by dual functions of charlatan, a Drosophila NRSF/REST-like repressor of extramacrochaetae and hairy.
Journal Genes Cells
Abstract Sensory bristle formation in Drosophila is a well-characterized system for studying sensory organ development at the molecular level. The master proneural genes of the achaete-scute (ac-sc) complex, which encode basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors, are necessary and sufficient for sensory bristle formation. charlatan (chn) was originally identified as a transcriptional activator of ac-sc gene expression through interaction with its enhancer, an activity that promotes sensory bristle development. In contrast, Chn was also identified as a functional homologue of mammalian neuron-restrictive silencing factor or RE1 silencing transcription factor (NRSF/REST), an important transcriptional repressor during vertebrate neurogenesis and stem cell development that acts through epigenetic gene silencing. Here, we report that Chn acts as a repressor of extramacrochaetae (emc) and hairy, molecules that inhibit ac-sc expression. This double-negative mechanism, together with direct activation via the achaete enhancer, increases expression of achaete and ensures robust development of sensory neurons. A mutation in the C-terminal repressor motif of Chn, which causes Chn to lose its repression activity, converted Chn to an activator of emc and hairy, suggesting that Chn is a dual functional regulator of transcription. Because chn-like sequences are found among arthropods, regulation of neuronal development by Chn-like molecules may be widely conserved.
Volume 16(8)
Pages 896-909
Published 2011-8-1
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2443.2011.01537.x
PMID 21762412
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Drosophila D. pseudoobscura (Dpse) k‐s12 and D. virilis (Dvir) MYA12 (k‐baa001) y w(KyorinFly) FRT42D GFP(KyotoFly)