RRC ID 50486
Author Xu R, Li J, Zhao H, Kong R, Wei M, Shi L, Bai G, Li Z.
Title Self-restrained regulation of stem cell niche activity by niche components in the Drosophila testis.
Journal Dev. Biol.
Abstract Most, if not all, stem cells reside in a defined microenvironment, called the niche. Short-ranged niche signal must be tightly controlled to be active only inside the niche to maintain the proper balance of stem cell self-renewal verse differentiation. However, how niche components restrict localized niche signal activation remains largely unknown. Here, we find that Thickveins (Tkv, a type I receptor of the Dpp signaling pathway) in cyst stem cells (CySCs) of the testis niche prevents Dpp signaling activation outside of the niche. We show that Tkv functions as Dpp trap/sink to spatially restrain Dpp signaling inside the niche. This self-restrained regulation of niche activity by Tkv in CySCs is independent of the canonical Dpp signaling pathway. Our data demonstrate the critical roles of niche components (CySCs) in the self-restrained regulation of niche activity, which could be shed light on niche activity regulation in general.
Volume 439(1)
Pages 42-51
Published 2018-7-1
DOI 10.1016/j.ydbio.2018.04.011
PII S0012-1606(18)30070-8
PMID 29679558
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