RRC ID 51329
Author Cho Y, Lai CM, Lin KY, Hsu HJ.
Title A Targeted RNAi Screen Reveals Drosophila Female-Sterile Genes That Control the Size of Germline Stem Cell Niche During Development.
Journal G3 (Bethesda)
Abstract was expressed in the soma of larval gonads, and screening for reduced egg production and abnormal ovarian morphology was performed in adults. Twenty candidates that affect ovarian development were identified and subsequently knocked down in the soma only during niche formation. Feminization factors (Transformer, Sex lethal, and Virilizer), a histone methyltransferase (Enhancer of Zeste), a transcriptional machinery component (Enhancer of yellow 1), a chromatin remodeling complex member (Enhancer of yellow 3) and a chromosome passenger complex constituent (Incenp) were identified as potentially functioning in the control of niche size. The identification of these molecules highlights specific molecular events that are critical for niche formation and will provide a basis for future studies to fully understand the mechanisms of GSC recruitment and maintenance.
Volume 8(7)
Pages 2345-2354
Published 2018-7-2
DOI 10.1534/g3.118.200355
PII g3.118.200355
PMID 29764959
PMC PMC6027894
IF 2.742
Drosophila 10021R-2 10021R-3 10034R-1 10034R-2 10076R-2 10079R-2 10125R-1 10125R-2 10159R-1 10159R-2 10279R-1 10279R-2 10325R-2 10325R-3 10346R-1 10367R-1 10367R-3 10377R-1 10422R-1 10422R-2 10473R-1 10473R-3 10484R-2 10484R-3 10522R-1 10522R-2 10523R-1 10523R-2 10539R-2 10539R-3 10571R-2 10571R-3 10575R-2 10575R-3 1057R-1 1057R-2 10667R-1 10667R-3 10687R-1 10687R-3 10697R-1 10697R-2 10719R-1 10719R-2 1071R-1 1071R-2 10792R-1 10792R-3 1081R-2 1081R-4 10846R-1 10846R-2 10847R-2 10847R-3 10850R-1 10850R-3 10868R-1 10868R-5 10901R-1 10901R-2 11075R-1 11075R-2 11094R-1 11094R-9 11156R-1 11156R-3 11181R-1 11181R-3 11183R-1 11183R-2 11254R-1 11254R-3 11290R-1 11290R-4 11331R-1 11331R-3 11420R-1 11420R-3 11513R-2 11491R-1 11491R-3 11860R-1 11860R-2 11886R-3 11971R-1 11971R-3 12058R-1 12072R-1 12072R-2 12085R-2 12085R-4 12114R-1 12114R-4 12127R-1 12127R-4 12165R-1 12165R-3 12196R-1 12196R-4 12218R-1 12218R-3 12238R-2 12238R-3 12284R-2 12298R-3 12306R-2 12306R-3 12340R-1 12340R-3 12399R-1 12399R-2 12497R-1 1258R-1 1258R-3 12743R-1 12743R-3 12819R-1 12819R-3 12996R-2 12996R-3 13184R-1 13184R-2 13190R-3 13190R-4 13478R-2 1372R-1 1372R-2 13879R-2 13879R-3 1395R-1 1395R-2 14026R-1 14026R-3 14029R-1 14029R-3 14035R-1 14035R-3 14228R-1 14228R-2 1429R-1 1429R-3 14750R-2 14750R-3 14792R-1 14792R-2 14884R-1 14884R-3 14941R-1 14941R-2 15119R-1 15119R-3 15224R-1 15224R-2 1536R-4 15532R-1 15532R-2 1554R-1 1554R-3 15802R-3 32491R-1 32491R-2 7836R-1 7836R-2 16724R-2 16724R-3 16725R-2 16725R-3 16928R-1 16944R-1 16944R-2 17054R-2 17054R-3 17090R-1 17090R-2 17161R-1 17161R-2 17420R-2 17420R-3 17437R-1 17437R-3 17566R-1 17603R-2 17610R-2 17610R-4 1765R-2 1765R-4 1768R-1 1768R-3 17743R-1 17743R-4 17894R-3 17998R-1 17998R-3 1799R-2 1799R-3 18000R-1 18133R-1 18133R-2 18214R-1 18214R-2 18251R-2 18251R-3 18252R-1 18252R-2 31916R-1 31916R-2 18350R-2 18350R-3 18361R-2 18361R-3 18729R-1 18729R-2 1877R-1 1891R-1 1891R-3 1903R-2 1903R-3 1945R-1 1945R-2 2125R-1 2125R-2 2155R-1 2155R-2 2168R-2 2168R-3 2368R-1 2368R-2 2411R-1 2525R-1 2637R-1 2637R-3 2684R-1 2707R-1 2707R-3 2714R-2 2714R-3 2718R-1 2718R-3 2829R-1 2829R-3 2867R-1 2867R-2 2922R-1 2922R-2 2925R-2 2925R-3 2985R-1 2985R-2 30170R-1 30170R-2 30475R-1 30475R-3 3057R-1 3057R-2 3060R-2 3060R-3 31049R-1 31049R-3 31196R-3 31196R-4 3151R-1 3151R-2 3158R-1 3158R-2 3166R-1 3166R-3 3167R-1 3167R-4 3171R-2 3171R-3 31732R-1 31732R-3 32211R-2 32211R-7 32435R-2 32435R-3 3273R-2 3273R-3 3282R-1 3282R-3 3401R-1 3401R-3 3424R-1 3424R-2 3496R-2 3496R-3 3510R-1 3510R-3 3582R-2 3582R-3 3644R-1 3644R-3 3715R-1 3715R-2 3724R-1 3724R-2 3730R-1 3730R-3 3733R-2 3733R-3 3758R-1 3758R-5 3827R-2 3827R-3 3836R-2 3836R-3 3856R-2 3922R-1 3922R-2 3935R-1 3936R-2 3936R-3 3937R-2 3937R-4 3938R-2 3938R-3 3959R-2 3959R-3 3998R-1 3998R-2 4006R-1 4006R-3 4035R-1 4057R-2 4057R-3 4063R-2 4063R-4 4152R-2 4170R-1 4170R-3 4262R-1 4262R-4 4314R-1 4314R-3 4523R-3 4523R-4 4636R-1 4698R-2 4698R-3 4824R-3 4824R-5 4832R-1 4832R-2 4965R-1 4965R-2 5000R-3 5052R-1 5052R-2 5055R-1 5055R-2 5061R-2 5061R-4 5072R-3 5072R-4 5092R-1 5092R-2 5170R-1 5170R-3 5271R-3 5271R-7 5360R-1 5360R-3 5370R-1 5370R-2 5483R-2 5483R-4 5557R-1 5557R-2 5562R-1 5562R-3 5581R-3 5619R-1 5619R-3 5629R-1 5629R-3 5688R-1 5688R-3 5717R-1 5760R-1 5760R-2 5820R-2 5820R-3 5848R-1 5848R-3 5870R-1 5870R-3 5893R-1 5920R-1 5920R-2 5954R-1 5954R-2 5965R-1 5965R-2 5974R-1 5974R-3 5993R-1 5993R-2 6061R-1 6061R-4 6093R-1 6093R-3 6119R-1 6176R-2 6235R-1 6235R-2 6297R-1 6297R-4 6302R-1 6302R-2 6386R-1 6433R-3 6433R-4 6474R-1 6474R-2 6502R-3 6502R-4 6513R-1 6513R-3 6525R-3 6525R-4 6535R-1 6535R-2 6551R-2 6551R-3 6605R-1 6605R-2 6637R-1 6637R-2 6667R-2 6667R-5 6677R-1 6705R-2 6824R-1 6824R-2 6921R-2 6963R-1 6963R-3 7074R-1 7074R-3 7111R-1 7111R-2 7225R-1 7233R-1 7233R-4 7235R-2 7235R-3 7380R-1 7413R-1 7425R-1 7425R-2 7487R-2 7487R-3 7507R-2 7524R-1 7524R-3 7660R-2 7660R-4 7670R-1 7719R-1 7719R-2 7749R-1 7749R-3 7764R-2 7838R-1 7865R-1 7865R-2 7996R-2 7996R-3 8091R-1 8091R-2 8118R-1 8171R-2 8171R-3 8308R-2 8308R-3 8376R-1 8376R-2 8384R-2 8384R-4 8411R-2 8411R-3 8573R-2 8573R-3 8590R-2 8590R-3 8592R-1 8592R-4 8597R-1 8597R-2 8625R-1 8625R-2 8676R-2 8676R-3 8759R-1 8759R-3 8781R-1 8781R-2 8804R-1 8804R-3 8805R-1 8805R-3 8885R-2 8885R-3 8912R-1 8912R-3 8994R-1 8994R-2 9046R-1 9046R-2 9127R-1 9127R-2 9193R-1 9193R-3 9201R-2 9201R-3 9218R-1 9218R-2 9325R-1 9325R-3 9343R-1 9343R-2 9348R-1 9348R-2 9369R-1 9369R-2 9375R-1 9375R-3 9379R-2 9379R-3 9383R-1 9383R-2 9412R-1 9412R-2 9441R-1 9441R-2 9446R-1 9446R-2 9450R-3 9484R-1 9484R-2 9491R-2 9491R-3 9553R-3 9635R-2 9635R-3 9638R-1 9638R-3 9696R-1 9696R-3 9739R-1 9739R-2 9741R-1 9741R-2 9774R-3 9793R-1 9793R-3 9885R-1 9900R-3 9949R-1 9949R-2