RRC ID 52877
Author Koo BM, Kritikos G, Farelli JD, Todor H, Tong K, Kimsey H, Wapinski I, Galardini M, Cabal A, Peters JM, Hachmann AB, Rudner DZ, Allen KN, Typas A, Gross CA.
Title Construction and Analysis of Two Genome-Scale Deletion Libraries for Bacillus subtilis.
Journal Cell Syst
Abstract A systems-level understanding of Gram-positive bacteria is important from both an environmental and health perspective and is most easily obtained when high-quality, validated genomic resources are available. To this end, we constructed two ordered, barcoded, erythromycin-resistance- and kanamycin-resistance-marked single-gene deletion libraries of the Gram-positive model organism, Bacillus subtilis. The libraries comprise 3,968 and 3,970 genes, respectively, and overlap in all but four genes. Using these libraries, we update the set of essential genes known for this organism, provide a comprehensive compendium of B. subtilis auxotrophic genes, and identify genes required for utilizing specific carbon and nitrogen sources, as well as those required for growth at low temperature. We report the identification of enzymes catalyzing several missing steps in amino acid biosynthesis. Finally, we describe a suite of high-throughput phenotyping methodologies and apply them to provide a genome-wide analysis of competence and sporulation. Altogether, we provide versatile resources for studying gene function and pathway and network architecture in Gram-positive bacteria.
Volume 4(3)
Pages 291-305.e7
Published 2017-3-22
DOI 10.1016/j.cels.2016.12.013
PII S2405-4712(16)30447-1
PMID 28189581
PMC PMC5400513
MeSH Amino Acids Bacillus subtilis / genetics* Gene Deletion Gene Library Genomic Library Genomics High-Throughput Screening Assays / methods* Sequence Deletion / genetics Spores, Bacterial / genetics
IF 8.673
Times Cited 103
Prokaryotes B. subtilis 168 BKE00100 BKE38640 BKE01660 BKE01960 BKE02640 BKE02760 BKE02980 BKE03380 BKE03810 BKE04480 BKE05420 BKE06400 BKE00490 BKE19190 BKE01460 BKE01670 BKE02010 BKE02670 BKE22090 BKE23190 BKE23480 BKE02780 BKE24360 BKE02990 BKE24840 BKE03520 BKE03820 BKE13789 BKE04490 BKE05430 BKE14620 BKE06570 BKE38540 BKE39230 BKE01530 BKE01700 BKE39410 BKE02250 BKE17300 BKE02690 BKE02810 BKE18350 BKE03000 BKE03530 BKE03830 BKE04540 BKE05470 BKE19210 BKE06630 BKE00560 BKE01550 BKE01740 BKE02480 BKE02700 BKE02850 BKE03020 BKE03590 BKE03920 BKE38690 BKE05680 BKE06660 BKE00570 BKE01580 BKE22800 BKE38660 BKE02540 BKE23390 BKE23890 BKE24380 BKE02710 BKE24950 BKE02870 BKE03070 BKE13850 BKE14800 BKE15210 BKE16730 BKE17410 BKE03600 BKE18370 BKE04140 BKE19350 BKE04630 BKE05710 BKE22810 BKE06930 BKE23401 BKE00690 BKE23900 BKE01590 BKE01880 BKE24390 BKE02570 BKE02720 BKE24960 BKE02920 BKE03110 BKE03730 BKE04270 BKE38740 BKE05800 BKE06950 BKE00720 BKE01630 BKE01890 BKE02600 BKE02730 BKE02950 BKE03330 BKE14030 BKE03760 BKE04320 BKE14820 BKE04960 BKE39240 BKE05950 BKE16800 BKE17420 BKE06970 BKE18380 BKE19620 BKE22860 BKE23402 BKE00880 BKE01650 BKE01950 BKE02630 BKE02750 BKE23960 BKE02960 BKE03350 BKE24400 BKE03800 BKE24970 BKE04450 BKE05190 BKE14320 BKE06230 BKE38770 BKE38910 BKE06980 BKE07420 BKE15310 BKE08050 BKE16950 BKE08440 BKE09110 BKE09500 BKE09870 BKE10380 BKE17630 BKE18410 BKE38810 BKE19700 BKE12250 BKE12950 BKE22910 BKE13220 BKE23430 BKE06990 BKE07510 BKE24190 BKE08130 BKE08540 BKE09200 BKE09550 BKE09890 BKE24410 BKE10480 BKE11440 BKE24990 BKE12310 BKE12960 BKE14330 BKE13230 BKE07100 BKE15130 BKE07520 BKE08210 BKE15340 BKE08690 BKE09310 BKE17030 BKE09560 BKE38800 BKE17640 BKE10540 BKE11460 BKE18540 BKE21010 BKE22940 BKE23440 BKE12360 BKE12970 BKE13260 BKE07120 BKE07570 BKE08220 BKE08760 BKE09320 BKE09670 BKE09980 BKE10580 BKE24200 BKE11480 BKE12780 BKE24420 BKE12980 BKE38840 BKE25000 BKE07320 BKE07580 BKE14350 BKE08230 BKE08779 BKE15140 BKE09370 BKE09710 BKE15420 BKE10010 BKE17090 BKE10820 BKE11570 BKE12820 BKE12990 BKE13420 BKE07360 BKE07610 BKE17970 BKE08260 BKE08830 BKE18770 BKE09400 BKE21740 BKE09720 BKE10040 BKE23110 BKE10980 BKE23460 BKE12030 BKE12840 BKE39440 BKE13090 BKE13430 BKE07370 BKE07710 BKE08290 BKE08850 BKE09420 BKE09850 BKE10080 BKE11360 BKE12180 BKE24740 BKE12890 BKE13100 BKE25010 BKE14360 BKE13640 BKE39020 BKE07400 BKE07860 BKE08310 BKE15810 BKE08950 BKE17120 BKE09470 BKE18180 BKE09860 BKE10370 BKE11390 BKE18810 BKE12240 BKE12940 BKE13169 BKE38900 BKE13660 BKE14490 BKE21920 BKE39100 BKE16430 BKE23150 BKE17290 BKE18190 BKE23470 BKE24230 BKE24830 BKE39450 BKE25420 BKE26620 BKE39640 BKE00590 BKE18170 BKE18260 BKE27140 BKE18360 BKE18510 BKE27990 BKE18610 BKE18730 BKE28920 BKE18830 BKE18909 BKE30000 BKE19040 BKE30290 BKE19130 BKE19270 BKE30620 BKE00610 BKE18200 BKE18270 BKE18400 BKE18520 BKE31120 BKE18620 BKE18740 BKE39630 BKE18840 BKE18910 BKE32730 BKE19050 BKE19160 BKE19280 BKE18110 BKE33260 BKE25530 BKE26690 BKE27430 BKE18210 BKE39480 BKE18280 BKE18420 BKE29040 BKE18530 BKE18630 BKE30050 BKE18750 BKE30350 BKE18849 BKE18940 BKE19060 BKE19170 BKE19290 BKE18120 BKE18220 BKE18300 BKE18430 BKE18550 BKE18640 BKE30640 BKE18760 BKE18850 BKE31130 BKE18950 BKE19070 BKE31875 BKE19180 BKE32750 BKE33320 BKE25760 BKE26700 BKE19310 BKE27460 BKE18130 BKE39490 BKE18230 BKE18310 BKE18450 BKE18570 BKE18650 BKE18780 BKE29350 BKE18890 BKE18990 BKE30090 BKE19080 BKE19200 BKE30380 BKE19320 BKE30660 BKE18140 BKE18239 BKE31340 BKE18320 BKE18460 BKE32030 BKE18580 BKE32880 BKE18670 BKE33360 BKE25770 BKE18790 BKE18898 BKE26810 BKE19010 BKE19100 BKE27580 BKE19250 BKE19330 BKE39500 BKE18150 BKE18240 BKE29370 BKE18330 BKE30110 BKE18470 BKE18590 BKE30390 BKE18680 BKE18800 BKE30750 BKE18900 BKE19020 BKE31450 BKE19110 BKE19259 BKE19340 BKE18160 BKE18250 BKE18340 BKE18480 BKE32180 BKE18600 BKE18710 BKE32940 BKE18819 BKE33380 BKE18908 BKE25900 BKE19030 BKE19120 BKE26830 BKE19260 BKE27650 BKE00630 BKE01990 BKE02090 BKE02230 BKE02350 BKE02470 BKE02610 BKE02880 BKE03040 BKE03190 BKE28060 BKE29380 BKE30160 BKE03280 BKE30420 BKE03390 BKE03490 BKE30850 BKE02000 BKE31490 BKE02100 BKE02240 BKE32340 BKE02360 BKE02490 BKE32950 BKE02619 BKE02890 BKE33390 BKE03050 BKE03200 BKE26420 BKE26870 BKE03290 BKE03400 BKE27670 BKE03500 BKE02019 BKE28550 BKE02110 BKE02270 BKE39570 BKE02370 BKE30170 BKE02510 BKE02660 BKE30440 BKE02900 BKE03060 BKE03210 BKE03300 BKE03410 BKE03510 BKE02030 BKE02120 BKE02280 BKE02380 BKE02520 BKE02680 BKE02910 BKE30860 BKE03080 BKE03220 BKE31540 BKE03310 BKE03420 BKE32380 BKE33090 BKE03540 BKE02050 BKE02150 BKE33500 BKE02310 BKE02400 BKE26580 BKE02550 BKE27100 BKE02740 BKE02940 BKE27700 BKE03100 BKE03230 BKE28750 BKE03340 BKE03450 BKE29805 BKE03550 BKE30270 BKE02060 BKE02160 BKE30595 BKE02320 BKE30870 BKE02410 BKE02560 BKE31550 BKE02790 BKE02970 BKE40370 BKE03250 BKE32520 BKE03359 BKE33140 BKE03460 BKE03560 BKE33570 BKE02070 BKE26590 BKE02210 BKE02330 BKE27130 BKE02440 BKE02580 BKE27980 BKE02820 BKE03010 BKE28890 BKE29990 BKE30280 BKE30610 BKE03140 BKE30990 BKE03260 BKE03360 BKE31570 BKE03470 BKE03569 BKE32600 BKE02080 BKE02220 BKE33180 BKE02340 BKE02590 BKE02460 BKE02840 BKE03030 BKE40380 BKE06034 BKE03270 BKE06074 BKE06120 BKE03370 BKE05130 BKE05240 BKE03480 BKE05340 BKE05408 BKE05529 BKE05650 BKE05760 BKE05870 BKE05960 BKE06037 BKE06076 BKE40390 BKE00040 BKE06130 BKE03570 BKE06240 BKE06330 BKE03670 BKE06450 BKE06540 BKE03788 BKE06640 BKE06750 BKE03910 BKE06839 BKE06910 BKE07060 BKE07160 BKE04010 BKE07250 BKE06140 BKE04150 BKE06250 BKE06350 BKE04230 BKE06460 BKE06550 BKE06650 BKE06760 BKE04340 BKE06840 BKE06920 BKE04470 BKE07070 BKE07170 BKE04650 BKE07270 BKE06150 BKE04730 BKE06260 BKE04820 BKE06360 BKE06470 BKE06559 BKE00090 BKE06770 BKE06850 BKE06960 BKE07080 BKE07180 BKE07280 BKE06160 BKE03580 BKE06269 BKE06370 BKE03680 BKE03789 BKE03930 BKE04020 BKE06490 BKE04160 BKE06560 BKE00110 BKE06780 BKE06860 BKE04240 BKE07000 BKE07090 BKE04359 BKE07190 BKE04510 BKE04660 BKE04740 BKE04830 BKE03620 BKE07290 BKE06180 BKE03690 BKE06270 BKE03790 BKE06380 BKE06500 BKE03950 BKE06580 BKE00120 BKE04060 BKE06800 BKE04170 BKE06870 BKE07010 BKE07110 BKE07200 BKE07300 BKE06190 BKE06290 BKE06420 BKE06510 BKE06590 BKE06700 BKE04250 BKE00140 BKE06880 BKE04370 BKE07020 BKE04530 BKE07130 BKE07220 BKE04670 BKE07310 BKE06200 BKE04750 BKE06300 BKE04839 BKE06430 BKE06520 BKE06600 BKE06730 BKE06820 BKE06890 BKE07030 BKE07140 BKE03630 BKE07230 BKE03700 BKE07330 BKE06220 BKE03840 BKE06319 BKE06440 BKE03970 BKE06530 BKE04070 BKE00050 BKE06740 BKE04180 BKE06830 BKE06900 BKE07040 BKE07150 BKE07240 BKE00150 BKE07340 BKE07500 BKE07650 BKE07780 BKE07900 BKE08010 BKE04280 BKE08110 BKE08250 BKE04400 BKE08390 BKE08530 BKE04550 BKE08640 BKE04680 BKE08730 BKE07380 BKE04760 BKE07530 BKE04860 BKE07660 BKE07790 BKE03640 BKE07920 BKE08020 BKE03710 BKE08120 BKE03850 BKE08270 BKE08410 BKE03981 BKE08550 BKE08650 BKE08740 BKE07390 BKE04090 BKE07550 BKE07680 BKE04190 BKE07800 BKE04290 BKE07930 BKE08029 BKE04410 BKE40490 BKE08140 BKE08280 BKE08470 BKE08560 BKE08660 BKE08770 BKE07410 BKE07560 BKE07690 BKE07810 BKE04690 BKE07940 BKE08030 BKE08160 BKE04770 BKE08300 BKE04880 BKE08480 BKE08570 BKE03651 BKE08670 BKE08780 BKE03720 BKE07440 BKE07600 BKE03870 BKE07700 BKE03982 BKE07820 BKE07970 BKE04100 BKE08040 BKE08170 BKE08320 BKE08490 BKE04200 BKE08580 BKE08680 BKE04300 BKE08790 BKE07450 BKE04420 BKE07620 BKE04590 BKE07720 BKE07830 BKE04700 BKE07980 BKE08070 BKE04780 BKE08190 BKE08330 BKE08500 BKE08590 BKE08700 BKE08800 BKE07480 BKE07630 BKE04890 BKE07735 BKE07840 BKE03652 BKE07990 BKE03750 BKE08080 BKE08200 BKE03880 BKE08360 BKE03990 BKE08510 BKE08620 BKE04120 BKE08710 BKE04210 BKE08810 BKE07490 BKE04310 BKE07640 BKE07760 BKE04440 BKE07890 BKE04610 BKE08000 BKE08100 BKE04710 BKE08240 BKE04790 BKE08380 BKE08520 BKE04900 BKE03660 BKE03770 BKE08630 BKE03890 BKE08720 BKE04000 BKE00160 BKE08820 BKE08970 BKE09060 BKE09210 BKE09340 BKE09480 BKE09620 BKE09730 BKE09840 BKE04130 BKE09965 BKE10100 BKE04220 BKE10200 BKE04330 BKE08860 BKE08980 BKE04460 BKE09070 BKE04620 BKE09220 BKE09350 BKE04720 BKE09490 BKE09630 BKE04810 BKE09740 BKE40530 BKE09880 BKE09990 BKE04930 BKE10110 BKE05150 BKE10210 BKE08870 BKE05250 BKE08990 BKE09100 BKE05343 BKE09230 BKE05440 BKE09360 BKE09520 BKE05560 BKE09640 BKE05660 BKE09750 BKE09889 BKE05770 BKE10009 BKE10120 BKE10220 BKE08880 BKE09000 BKE09130 BKE09240 BKE09380 BKE00180 BKE09650 BKE05890 BKE09760 BKE05970 BKE09900 BKE10020 BKE06038 BKE10130 BKE10230 BKE06077 BKE08899 BKE04940 BKE09020 BKE09140 BKE05160 BKE09250 BKE05260 BKE09390 BKE09570 BKE05344 BKE09660 BKE05450 BKE09780 BKE09920 BKE05570 BKE10030 BKE05670 BKE10140 BKE10240 BKE05790 BKE08900 BKE09030 BKE05899 BKE09150 BKE06000 BKE09270 BKE09410 BKE06040 BKE09590 BKE06079 BKE09680 BKE09790 BKE09930 BKE10050 BKE04950 BKE10150 BKE05180 BKE10250 BKE08910 BKE05280 BKE09040 BKE09180 BKE05350 BKE05480 BKE09290 BKE05580 BKE09430 BKE09600 BKE05690 BKE09690 BKE09800 BKE05810 BKE09940 BKE05900 BKE10070 BKE10160 BKE06010 BKE10260 BKE06048 BKE08960 BKE09050 BKE06083 BKE09190 BKE05050 BKE09300 BKE09450 BKE05200 BKE09610 BKE09700 BKE05290 BKE09830 BKE05360 BKE09958 BKE10090 BKE05490 BKE10170 BKE05590 BKE00200 BKE10270 BKE10400 BKE10520 BKE05700 BKE10650 BKE10740 BKE10840 BKE05830 BKE10920 BKE11030 BKE05910 BKE11130 BKE11230 BKE40810 BKE11310 BKE06049 BKE11500 BKE10280 BKE06090 BKE10410 BKE10560 BKE05080 BKE10660 BKE10760 BKE10850 BKE10930 BKE11040 BKE11140 BKE05210 BKE11240 BKE05320 BKE11320 BKE11510 BKE05380 BKE10290 BKE10420 BKE05500 BKE10570 BKE05600 BKE10670 BKE10770 BKE05720 BKE10860 BKE10940 BKE05840 BKE11055 BKE11150 BKE40620 BKE11250 BKE11330 BKE11520 BKE10300 BKE40840 BKE10430 BKE10600 BKE40940 BKE10690 BKE10780 BKE06100 BKE10870 BKE05099 BKE10950 BKE11070 BKE05220 BKE11160 BKE11260 BKE05329 BKE00220 BKE05390 BKE11530 BKE10310 BKE05510 BKE05630 BKE05740 BKE10440 BKE10610 BKE05850 BKE10700 BKE05930 BKE10790 BKE10880 BKE06033 BKE10960 BKE11079 BKE00030 BKE11170 BKE11270 BKE06110 BKE11381 BKE05100 BKE11540 BKE10340 BKE05230 BKE10460 BKE10620 BKE05330 BKE10710 BKE10800 BKE10890 BKE10970 BKE11080 BKE11180 BKE11280 BKE11410 BKE05400 BKE11549 BKE10360 BKE05520 BKE10500 BKE10630 BKE05640 BKE10720 BKE10810 BKE05750 BKE10900 BKE05860 BKE10990 BKE11100 BKE40660 BKE11190 BKE11290 BKE11840 BKE00230 BKE11550 BKE10390 BKE10510 BKE10640 BKE10730 BKE10830 BKE10910 BKE11010 BKE11110 BKE11930 BKE11210 BKE11300 BKE12050 BKE11490 BKE12140 BKE00240 BKE12740 BKE12230 BKE12870 BKE13040 BKE12350 BKE13170 BKE13299 BKE13400 BKE13520 BKE13630 BKE13770 BKE13860 BKE13960 BKE14072 BKE12749 BKE12880 BKE13060 BKE12460 BKE12560 BKE12630 BKE13180 BKE12720 BKE11660 BKE11770 BKE11850 BKE13320 BKE11940 BKE13410 BKE13540 BKE12060 BKE13670 BKE13780 BKE12150 BKE13880 BKE12260 BKE13990 BKE14080 BKE12370 BKE12750 BKE12910 BKE12470 BKE13070 BKE12570 BKE13190 BKE13330 BKE12650 BKE12730 BKE13450 BKE11670 BKE13550 BKE13690 BKE13790 BKE00250 BKE14090 BKE11780 BKE12760 BKE12920 BKE13080 BKE13210 BKE13340 BKE13470 BKE13570 BKE13700 BKE13799 BKE11860 BKE14009 BKE14100 BKE11960 BKE12770 BKE12930 BKE12070 BKE12160 BKE12270 BKE12380 BKE12480 BKE13120 BKE12580 BKE13240 BKE13350 BKE12660 BKE13480 BKE13580 BKE00270 BKE13710 BKE14150 BKE13800 BKE13910 BKE14260 BKE14020 BKE14120 BKE14380 BKE12790 BKE14500 BKE13010 BKE13130 BKE14580 BKE13250 BKE13360 BKE14670 BKE13490 BKE14770 BKE13590 BKE13720 BKE14890 BKE13819 BKE13920 BKE14040 BKE14130 BKE12800 BKE13020 BKE13150 BKE13270 BKE13370 BKE13500 BKE13600 BKE14980 BKE13740 BKE13820 BKE15060 BKE13930 BKE14050 BKE00350 BKE14140 BKE15360 BKE12860 BKE13030 BKE14160 BKE13160 BKE13280 BKE14270 BKE13390 BKE13509 BKE14390 BKE13610 BKE14510 BKE13750 BKE13840 BKE14590 BKE13950 BKE14060 BKE14680 BKE00260 BKE14780 BKE11580 BKE11680 BKE14900 BKE11790 BKE11870 BKE14990 BKE11990 BKE15069 BKE12080 BKE12170 BKE12290 BKE12400 BKE12490 BKE12590 BKE12671 BKE11590 BKE11700 BKE11799 BKE00360 BKE11880 BKE12000 BKE15370 BKE12090 BKE12190 BKE00290 BKE12300 BKE12410 BKE14280 BKE12500 BKE12600 BKE14400 BKE12672 BKE11600 BKE14520 BKE11710 BKE14600 BKE11809 BKE11890 BKE14690 BKE14790 BKE14910 BKE15000 BKE12010 BKE15080 BKE12110 BKE12200 BKE15260 BKE12320 BKE15380 BKE12420 BKE13890 BKE00320 BKE12610 BKE12680 BKE14290 BKE11620 BKE11720 BKE14410 BKE11810 BKE11910 BKE12020 BKE12120 BKE12210 BKE12330 BKE12430 BKE13900 BKE12619 BKE14540 BKE12700 BKE11630 BKE14610 BKE11730 BKE11839 BKE14700 BKE11920 BKE12040 BKE14810 BKE12130 BKE14920 BKE12229 BKE12340 BKE15010 BKE12450 BKE12540 BKE15090 BKE12620 BKE15270 BKE12710 BKE15400 BKE14200 BKE14300 BKE14420 BKE11640 BKE14550 BKE11760 BKE14629 BKE14710 BKE14830 BKE14930 BKE00330 BKE17510 BKE15100 BKE17670 BKE00370 BKE17780 BKE17900 BKE18030 BKE16700 BKE16799 BKE16930 BKE17060 BKE17160 BKE17266 BKE17360 BKE17550 BKE15410 BKE17678 BKE17800 BKE14220 BKE14310 BKE14440 BKE00550 BKE14560 BKE18060 BKE14630 BKE16710 BKE16810 BKE14730 BKE16960 BKE17070 BKE14840 BKE17170 BKE17267 BKE14940 BKE00480 BKE17560 BKE15030 BKE17699 BKE17810 BKE15110 BKE17920 BKE18080 BKE15320 BKE16720 BKE16845 BKE00390 BKE16970 BKE14230 BKE17080 BKE17180 BKE14340 BKE17270 BKE00520 BKE14450 BKE17570 BKE17700 BKE17820 BKE17930 BKE00580 BKE33630 BKE34080 BKE34440 BKE34729 BKE39810 BKE14569 BKE35580 BKE35820 BKE14650 BKE36060 BKE36550 BKE14750 BKE37430 BKE14870 BKE37750 BKE38060 BKE14950 BKE33710 BKE15040 BKE15120 BKE15330 BKE15440 BKE14250 BKE14370 BKE14460 BKE34090 BKE14570 BKE34580 BKE14660 BKE34800 BKE39930 BKE14760 BKE14880 BKE14960 BKE15050 BKE40021 BKE35830 BKE00340 BKE36130 BKE15350 BKE00400 BKE00410 BKE40022 BKE16740 BKE37470 BKE37800 BKE40259 BKE33800 BKE34160 BKE34590 BKE34820 BKE35520 BKE16860 BKE16990 BKE17100 BKE35609 BKE17200 BKE35860 BKE36250 BKE17280 BKE00540 BKE17580 BKE17710 BKE36970 BKE17830 BKE37510 BKE37810 BKE17980 BKE38270 BKE16640 BKE33810 BKE00440 BKE16870 BKE17010 BKE17110 BKE34300 BKE17210 BKE34660 BKE17310 BKE17430 BKE17590 BKE34850 BKE17750 BKE39970 BKE17840 BKE35610 BKE35880 BKE18010 BKE36260 BKE16650 BKE37040 BKE37570 BKE00450 BKE37820 BKE38320 BKE33830 BKE34320 BKE34690 BKE34990 BKE35540 BKE35630 BKE35890 BKE36410 BKE16880 BKE37100 BKE37630 BKE17020 BKE37870 BKE17130 BKE38500 BKE33890 BKE17220 BKE34350 BKE34700 BKE17320 BKE35090 BKE17440 BKE35550 BKE17600 BKE17760 BKE17850 BKE35650 BKE18019 BKE35900 BKE36420 BKE16660 BKE37130 BKE37700 BKE16780 BKE37890 BKE38520 BKE16890 BKE34000 BKE17040 BKE34360 BKE34710 BKE17140 BKE35210 BKE35560 BKE17230 BKE35679 BKE35930 BKE36450 BKE37390 BKE37710 BKE37900 BKE38530 BKE34070 BKE34430 BKE17330 BKE34720 BKE35250 BKE17460 BKE35570 BKE35780 BKE17650 BKE35940 BKE17770 BKE17860 BKE18020 BKE36510 BKE00430 BKE37410 BKE16790 BKE37730 BKE00470 BKE37930 BKE40359 BKE17050 BKE19360 BKE19460 BKE17150 BKE19560 BKE19639 BKE17260 BKE19710 BKE17340 BKE19780 BKE19900 BKE19400 BKE20020 BKE20100 BKE20220 BKE20350 BKE20500 BKE19370 BKE19479 BKE19520 BKE19570 BKE19640 BKE19720 BKE19790 BKE19910 BKE20030 BKE20110 BKE20240 BKE20360 BKE20510 BKE19380 BKE19590 BKE19480 BKE19579 BKE19669 BKE19650 BKE19730 BKE19749 BKE19820 BKE19920 BKE20040 BKE20120 BKE19840 BKE19970 BKE00650 BKE20150 BKE20260 BKE20370 BKE20290 BKE20430 BKE20520 BKE20550 BKE19390 BKE19490 BKE19430 BKE19580 BKE19660 BKE19530 BKE19740 BKE19600 BKE19830 BKE19950 BKE19670 BKE20050 BKE19750 BKE20140 BKE00640 BKE20270 BKE20380 BKE19999 BKE20540 BKE00660 BKE20160 BKE00800 BKE20300 BKE22570 BKE20440 BKE22650 BKE00850 BKE20560 BKE22870 BKE19440 BKE23000 BKE23090 BKE19540 BKE22050 BKE22150 BKE19610 BKE22220 BKE19680 BKE22310 BKE22410 BKE19760 BKE22500 BKE22580 BKE19870 BKE22670 BKE20000 BKE00860 BKE16070 BKE23010 BKE23100 BKE22060 BKE22160 BKE20070 BKE22230 BKE22340 BKE20190 BKE22420 BKE22510 BKE20320 BKE22590 BKE20460 BKE22690 BKE22820 BKE20570 BKE22900 BKE23020 BKE19450 BKE23120 BKE22070 BKE22169 BKE22250 BKE00740 BKE22430 BKE22520 BKE22600 BKE22700 BKE22830 BKE22930 BKE19550 BKE23040 BKE23130 BKE19630 BKE22080 BKE22170 BKE19690 BKE19770 BKE19890 BKE22260 BKE22360 BKE20010 BKE00750 BKE20090 BKE22530 BKE22610 BKE20210 BKE20340 BKE20490 BKE00700 BKE00830 BKE20580 BKE00870 BKE20710 BKE22950 BKE23050 BKE20880 BKE00930 BKE20950 BKE23140 BKE23270 BKE21110 BKE21200 BKE23380 BKE23560 BKE23650 BKE21290 BKE23750 BKE23860 BKE24010 BKE24100 BKE24260 BKE24470 BKE24580 BKE23160 BKE23280 BKE23410 BKE21430 BKE23570 BKE23660 BKE21550 BKE23760 BKE23870 BKE21670 BKE24030 BKE21830 BKE24120 BKE00960 BKE21910 BKE24480 BKE24590 BKE20590 BKE23170 BKE23300 BKE20730 BKE23450 BKE20900 BKE23580 BKE23690 BKE20960 BKE23770 BKE23880 BKE21120 BKE21210 BKE21310 BKE21440 BKE24040 BKE21570 BKE24130 BKE21680 BKE24280 BKE24490 BKE21840 BKE24600 BKE21940 BKE23200 BKE23310 BKE23490 BKE23590 BKE23700 BKE23780 BKE23920 BKE24050 BKE24140 BKE24290 BKE20600 BKE24530 BKE00990 BKE20740 BKE23210 BKE23320 BKE20910 BKE23510 BKE23600 BKE20990 BKE23710 BKE23790 BKE23930 BKE24060 BKE24150 BKE21130 BKE24300 BKE24540 BKE24620 BKE23230 BKE23330 BKE21229 BKE23519 BKE21340 BKE23610 BKE23720 BKE21470 BKE23810 BKE23940 BKE21580 BKE24070 BKE21730 BKE24210 BKE00980 BKE21850 BKE24550 BKE24630 BKE21950 BKE23250 BKE23340 BKE23540 BKE23630 BKE23730 BKE23830 BKE23970 BKE24080 BKE24240 BKE24440 BKE20610 BKE24560 BKE24650 BKE20750 BKE23260 BKE23350 BKE20920 BKE23550 BKE20999 BKE23640 BKE23740 BKE21140 BKE00950 BKE24000 BKE21230 BKE24090 BKE24250 BKE21350 BKE24450 BKE21480 BKE24570 BKE01010 BKE21590 BKE24660 BKE24790 BKE21760 BKE24890 BKE25080 BKE21860 BKE25170 BKE01380 BKE21970 BKE25350 BKE20650 BKE25440 BKE25540 BKE20760 BKE25620 BKE25750 BKE25910 BKE24670 BKE24800 BKE24900 BKE25090 BKE01060 BKE25280 BKE25360 BKE20928 BKE25450 BKE25550 BKE21050 BKE25630 BKE25790 BKE21150 BKE25920 BKE24710 BKE21240 BKE24810 BKE24920 BKE21360 BKE25100 BKE21510 BKE01090 BKE25289 BKE21599 BKE25370 BKE25460 BKE21770 BKE01450 BKE25650 BKE21870 BKE21980 BKE25810 BKE20670 BKE25950 BKE24720 BKE20790 BKE24820 BKE24930 BKE20929 BKE25110 BKE21060 BKE21160 BKE21250 BKE21370 BKE01140 BKE25300 BKE25380 BKE25470 BKE25569 BKE25660 BKE25830 BKE25960 BKE24750 BKE24850 BKE24940 BKE25130 BKE21520 BKE25230 BKE25310 BKE21600 BKE25390 BKE25480 BKE21780 BKE25580 BKE21880 BKE01470 BKE25840 BKE21990 BKE25970 BKE24760 BKE20690 BKE24860 BKE25020 BKE25140 BKE25240 BKE20820 BKE01389 BKE25400 BKE20930 BKE25490 BKE25590 BKE21070 BKE25710 BKE25850 BKE21170 BKE25980 BKE21270 BKE24770 BKE24870 BKE21380 BKE25040 BKE25150 BKE21530 BKE25250 BKE25330 BKE25410 BKE25500 BKE25600 BKE25730 BKE01510 BKE26010 BKE24780 BKE24880 BKE21630 BKE01020 BKE01030 BKE01350 BKE25340 BKE25430 BKE21800 BKE25510 BKE25610 BKE21890 BKE25740 BKE25880 BKE22000 BKE01520 BKE20700 BKE26020 BKE26120 BKE20830 BKE26230 BKE01600 BKE20940 BKE26440 BKE21080 BKE26619 BKE26750 BKE21180 BKE26860 BKE26960 BKE21280 BKE27050 BKE27190 BKE21400 BKE27270 BKE26030 BKE21540 BKE26130 BKE21660 BKE26240 BKE01610 BKE00710 BKE26470 BKE26650 BKE26760 BKE26890 BKE26980 BKE27070 BKE27200 BKE27280 BKE26039 BKE26150 BKE21900 BKE26250 BKE01620 BKE00730 BKE26510 BKE26660 BKE22010 BKE26770 BKE22100 BKE26900 BKE26990 BKE22180 BKE27080 BKE27210 BKE22270 BKE27290 BKE26040 BKE22370 BKE26160 BKE00760 BKE26259 BKE01690 BKE22540 BKE26540 BKE26720 BKE22620 BKE26790 BKE26910 BKE22730 BKE27000 BKE27090 BKE22849 BKE27220 BKE22960 BKE27300 BKE26060 BKE23060 BKE26170 BKE26260 BKE26370 BKE26550 BKE26730 BKE26800 BKE26920 BKE27010 BKE27110 BKE27230 BKE22019 BKE27310 BKE26089 BKE22110 BKE26180 BKE01540 BKE22190 BKE26380 BKE26559 BKE22280 BKE26740 BKE22380 BKE26820 BKE26930 BKE22470 BKE27020 BKE27120 BKE22550 BKE27240 BKE27320 BKE22630 BKE26100 BKE26200 BKE22740 BKE01560 BKE22850 BKE26390 BKE26600 BKE22970 BKE26748 BKE23070 BKE22020 BKE22130 BKE22200 BKE26840 BKE22290 BKE26940 BKE27030 BKE22390 BKE27160 BKE27250 BKE27330 BKE26110 BKE26220 BKE01570 BKE26410 BKE26610 BKE26749 BKE26850 BKE22480 BKE26950 BKE27040 BKE22560 BKE27170 BKE27260 BKE22640 BKE01710 BKE27360 BKE22750 BKE27470 BKE27590 BKE22869 BKE27690 BKE27770 BKE22990 BKE27900 BKE23080 BKE28130 BKE28220 BKE22040 BKE28300 BKE28420 BKE22140 BKE28520 BKE22210 BKE27370 BKE27480 BKE22300 BKE27600 BKE27710 BKE22400 BKE27785 BKE27809 BKE27910 BKE28070 BKE28140 BKE28230 BKE01760 BKE28310 BKE28430 BKE28530 BKE27390 BKE27490 BKE27610 BKE27720 BKE01830 BKE28150 BKE28240 BKE28320 BKE28440 BKE31080 BKE28540 BKE31210 BKE27400 BKE31290 BKE29950 BKE01730 BKE30080 BKE30220 BKE27620 BKE30360 BKE27729 BKE30510 BKE30630 BKE27810 BKE30739 BKE30890 BKE30980 BKE31090 BKE31220 BKE31310 BKE29960 BKE30100 BKE01800 BKE30240 BKE01845 BKE30400 BKE30520 BKE28160 BKE30650 BKE30760 BKE28250 BKE30900 BKE28340 BKE31000 BKE31110 BKE28450 BKE31230 BKE31319 BKE29970 BKE30120 BKE30250 BKE30410 BKE30530 BKE30659 BKE15510 BKE30910 BKE31010 BKE31140 BKE28570 BKE31240 BKE31321 BKE01720 BKE29980 BKE01750 BKE30150 BKE30260 BKE27630 BKE30460 BKE27730 BKE15490 BKE30670 BKE27830 BKE15520 BKE01810 BKE30920 BKE31030 BKE28099 BKE31160 BKE28170 BKE31250 BKE31322 BKE28260 BKE30010 BKE30180 BKE28350 BKE30300 BKE28470 BKE30470 BKE15500 BKE28580 BKE30680 BKE30810 BKE27440 BKE30940 BKE27520 BKE31040 BKE31170 BKE31270 BKE31330 BKE30020 BKE27640 BKE30190 BKE30310 BKE30480 BKE30560 BKE30690 BKE27740 BKE15530 BKE27850 BKE30950 BKE31050 BKE01820 BKE31180 BKE31279 BKE28100 BKE15540 BKE28180 BKE31350 BKE31430 BKE28270 BKE31580 BKE28380 BKE31680 BKE28490 BKE31800 BKE31900 BKE28590 BKE32010 BKE27450 BKE32100 BKE32200 BKE27530 BKE32280 BKE32440 BKE27660 BKE32540 BKE31360 BKE27750 BKE31440 BKE27870 BKE31590 BKE27970 BKE28110 BKE01860 BKE31710 BKE31810 BKE31910 BKE32020 BKE15620 BKE32210 BKE28280 BKE32350 BKE28400 BKE32450 BKE32550 BKE01870 BKE31370 BKE28600 BKE31460 BKE15550 BKE27468 BKE31730 BKE31820 BKE27570 BKE31920 BKE27680 BKE32040 BKE32120 BKE27760 BKE32220 BKE27890 BKE32360 BKE32460 BKE28000 BKE32560 BKE31380 BKE28120 BKE31470 BKE28210 BKE15560 BKE31740 BKE28290 BKE31830 BKE28410 BKE31930 BKE32050 BKE28510 BKE32130 BKE01889 BKE32230 BKE32370 BKE28610 BKE32469 BKE32570 BKE28720 BKE31390 BKE31480 BKE28810 BKE15570 BKE28950 BKE15610 BKE31840 BKE29090 BKE31945 BKE15450 BKE32060 BKE32140 BKE29290 BKE32240 BKE32390 BKE29430 BKE32470 BKE29520 BKE32580 BKE31400 BKE29600 BKE31500 BKE29700 BKE15580 BKE31760 BKE29830 BKE31850 BKE28620 BKE31959 BKE32070 BKE28730 BKE32150 BKE28820 BKE32250 BKE32400 BKE28960 BKE32490 BKE32590 BKE29100 BKE31410 BKE29239 BKE31510 BKE15600 BKE29300 BKE31770 BKE29440 BKE31860 BKE31970 BKE32080 BKE15630 BKE32260 BKE32410 BKE32510 BKE32610 BKE29530 BKE31420 BKE29610 BKE31520 BKE31670 BKE29720 BKE31780 BKE29840 BKE01900 BKE28740 BKE28830 BKE31890 BKE01935 BKE32000 BKE32090 BKE29110 BKE32190 BKE29240 BKE32270 BKE32430 BKE29310 BKE32530 BKE29460 BKE15640 BKE32620 BKE29540 BKE15690 BKE29620 BKE32840 BKE32910 BKE29730 BKE33049 BKE33130 BKE29860 BKE33230 BKE28650 BKE33430 BKE33540 BKE28760 BKE33660 BKE33850 BKE33970 BKE32630 BKE32719 BKE32849 BKE28840 BKE32920 BKE29010 BKE33050 BKE33150 BKE29120 BKE33239 BKE33440 BKE29249 BKE33580 BKE29320 BKE33670 BKE33880 BKE29470 BKE33990 BKE29550 BKE32640 BKE32720 BKE29640 BKE32850 BKE29750 BKE32930 BKE33060 BKE29880 BKE33160 BKE33240 BKE28660 BKE33450 BKE28770 BKE33590 BKE33680 BKE01910 BKE15720 BKE29020 BKE34020 BKE32660 BKE29130 BKE32770 BKE32859 BKE29250 BKE32990 BKE29330 BKE33070 BKE33170 BKE33300 BKE33460 BKE29480 BKE33600 BKE33690 BKE29560 BKE15730 BKE29650 BKE34030 BKE32669 BKE29760 BKE32780 BKE29890 BKE32860 BKE33010 BKE28670 BKE33080 BKE33190 BKE28780 BKE33330 BKE01920 BKE33480 BKE29030 BKE29140 BKE29260 BKE33610 BKE29340 BKE33700 BKE29490 BKE15740 BKE29570 BKE34040 BKE15650 BKE15460 BKE32790 BKE32870 BKE29770 BKE33029 BKE33100 BKE29910 BKE33200 BKE28680 BKE33350 BKE33510 BKE28790 BKE33620 BKE28900 BKE33780 BKE15750 BKE34050 BKE15660 BKE32810 BKE32890 BKE33030 BKE33110 BKE33221 BKE29050 BKE33400 BKE33520 BKE29190 BKE33640 BKE29270 BKE33820 BKE15760 BKE29360 BKE34060 BKE15670 BKE32830 BKE32900 BKE33040 BKE29500 BKE33120 BKE33222 BKE29580 BKE33410 BKE29680 BKE29780 BKE29920 BKE28700 BKE33530 BKE28800 BKE33650 BKE33840 BKE28940 BKE33950 BKE15780 BKE01970 BKE34100 BKE29220 BKE34200 BKE34310 BKE29280 BKE34460 BKE29420 BKE34570 BKE34740 BKE29510 BKE34860 BKE34960 BKE35080 BKE29590 BKE35170 BKE35260 BKE29690 BKE35340 BKE29820 BKE34110 BKE34210 BKE15470 BKE34370 BKE34480 BKE29930 BKE34600 BKE30035 BKE34750 BKE34870 BKE30200 BKE34970 BKE15480 BKE35100 BKE35180 BKE30490 BKE35270 BKE35350 BKE30570 BKE34130 BKE30700 BKE34220 BKE34380 BKE30830 BKE34490 BKE34620 BKE30960 BKE34760 BKE31060 BKE34880 BKE34980 BKE35110 BKE31200 BKE35190 BKE35280 BKE31280 BKE35360 BKE29940 BKE34140 BKE34230 BKE34390 BKE34520 BKE34640 BKE34770 BKE34890 BKE35000 BKE35120 BKE30060 BKE35200 BKE15790 BKE30210 BKE35370 BKE34150 BKE30330 BKE34240 BKE30500 BKE34400 BKE34530 BKE30580 BKE34650 BKE34780 BKE30720 BKE34900 BKE30840 BKE35010 BKE35130 BKE30970 BKE35220 BKE15800 BKE36570 BKE35380 BKE34170 BKE34250 BKE34410 BKE34540 BKE34670 BKE34810 BKE34910 BKE36668 BKE35020 BKE36750 BKE35140 BKE36880 BKE35230 BKE36980 BKE35310 BKE35390 BKE34180 BKE34265 BKE34420 BKE34550 BKE34680 BKE34830 BKE35420 BKE34920 BKE35040 BKE35698 BKE35150 BKE35239 BKE35850 BKE35320 BKE36020 BKE35400 BKE34190 BKE36190 BKE34280 BKE34450 BKE36300 BKE34560 BKE36460 BKE34730 BKE34840 BKE36580 BKE34940 BKE36670 BKE35060 BKE36770 BKE35160 BKE35240 BKE36890 BKE35330 BKE15820 BKE36990 BKE35410 BKE35430 BKE35670 BKE35840 BKE15830 BKE36010 BKE36170 BKE35870 BKE36290 BKE36080 BKE36430 BKE36200 BKE36310 BKE38560 BKE38700 BKE38850 BKE36470 BKE38990 BKE36590 BKE39070 BKE39150 BKE36680 BKE39260 BKE39380 BKE36780 BKE39520 BKE36910 BKE39660 BKE39760 BKE37000 BKE39890 BKE35440 BKE38570 BKE38710 BKE15840 BKE38860 BKE35920 BKE39000 BKE39080 BKE36090 BKE39160 BKE36210 BKE39270 BKE39390 BKE36320 BKE39530 BKE36480 BKE39670 BKE39780 BKE36600 BKE39910 BKE38590 BKE36690 BKE38730 BKE38880 BKE36790 BKE39010 BKE36920 BKE39090 BKE39170 BKE37020 BKE39280 BKE39400 BKE39550 BKE39690 BKE39790 BKE39920 BKE38600 BKE38760 BKE35450 BKE15850 BKE35970 BKE36100 BKE36220 BKE38890 BKE39029 BKE36340 BKE39110 BKE36500 BKE39180 BKE39310 BKE36610 BKE39420 BKE39560 BKE36700 BKE39700 BKE36800 BKE39800 BKE39940 BKE36930 BKE38610 BKE37030 BKE35460 BKE35790 BKE38780 BKE35980 BKE38920 BKE36140 BKE39030 BKE39120 BKE36230 BKE39200 BKE15860 BKE39320 BKE39430 BKE36520 BKE39580 BKE39720 BKE36640 BKE39820 BKE39950 BKE38620 BKE38790 BKE38930 BKE39040 BKE39129 BKE39210 BKE36710 BKE39340 BKE39460 BKE36810 BKE39590 BKE39730 BKE36940 BKE39840 BKE37050 BKE39960 BKE38630 BKE35480 BKE38820 BKE38940 BKE35800 BKE39050 BKE35990 BKE39139 BKE39220 BKE36150 BKE39350 BKE39470 BKE36269 BKE39620 BKE36380 BKE39740 BKE39860 BKE36530 BKE39990 BKE38670 BKE36650 BKE38830 BKE36730 BKE38960 BKE39060 BKE36830 BKE39140 BKE39250 BKE36950 BKE39370 BKE39510 BKE39650 BKE39750 BKE39870 BKE16060 BKE00080 BKE01400 BKE37060 BKE02180 BKE02450 BKE35510 BKE03180 BKE04039 BKE35810 BKE04500 BKE05030 BKE36000 BKE05140 BKE36160 BKE05610 BKE06210 BKE36280 BKE07050 BKE36390 BKE00170 BKE01480 BKE36540 BKE02190 BKE36660 BKE36740 BKE36840 BKE02500 BKE36960 BKE03320 BKE15870 BKE04040 BKE04520 BKE37070 BKE05040 BKE37190 BKE05170 BKE05620 BKE37300 BKE06310 BKE07260 BKE37480 BKE00810 BKE37590 BKE01640 BKE02200 BKE02770 BKE03430 BKE04110 BKE04580 BKE05060 BKE05270 BKE05730 BKE37680 BKE06320 BKE07430 BKE37850 BKE41020 BKE37980 BKE01680 BKE02260 BKE38100 BKE02830 BKE03440 BKE38230 BKE04260 BKE04840 BKE38360 BKE05070 BKE38450 BKE05300 BKE05780 BKE37080 BKE06390 BKE07460 BKE37210 BKE00970 BKE01980 BKE15960 BKE02300 BKE03090 BKE37490 BKE03740 BKE37600 BKE04360 BKE04850 BKE37690 BKE05090 BKE05310 BKE37860 BKE05880 BKE06710 BKE38000 BKE07540 BKE16080 BKE02040 BKE02390 BKE03120 BKE03900 BKE04380 BKE04980 BKE38130 BKE05109 BKE05370 BKE38240 BKE05990 BKE16130 BKE38370 BKE07670 BKE38460 BKE16090 BKE02130 BKE37110 BKE02420 BKE37240 BKE03160 BKE03960 BKE37350 BKE04390 BKE04990 BKE37500 BKE05110 BKE37610 BKE05460 BKE06036 BKE37720 BKE06790 BKE37880 BKE07850 BKE16110 BKE38020 BKE02140 BKE02430 BKE38140 BKE03170 BKE38250 BKE04030 BKE38380 BKE38470 BKE37120 BKE37250 BKE37360 BKE04430 BKE05000 BKE05120 BKE05530 BKE06170 BKE06812 BKE16150 BKE07870 BKE08750 BKE37530 BKE09460 BKE10490 BKE37620 BKE11350 BKE37740 BKE11929 BKE12810 BKE37910 BKE13290 BKE38030 BKE13810 BKE14110 BKE38170 BKE14860 BKE16170 BKE38280 BKE07910 BKE38390 BKE08920 BKE09530 BKE38480 BKE10590 BKE11400 BKE37140 BKE11950 BKE37260 BKE12850 BKE13310 BKE37370 BKE13830 BKE14170 BKE37540 BKE15070 BKE37640 BKE16200 BKE07955 BKE37760 BKE08930 BKE37920 BKE09810 BKE10750 BKE11470 BKE11970 BKE12900 BKE13440 BKE13870 BKE14210 BKE38050 BKE15170 BKE16230 BKE38180 BKE08090 BKE09010 BKE38290 BKE10000 BKE38410 BKE11000 BKE16190 BKE16000 BKE11980 BKE13000 BKE15880 BKE13510 BKE37270 BKE13940 BKE14240 BKE37380 BKE16210 BKE37550 BKE16240 BKE08180 BKE37650 BKE09120 BKE10180 BKE37770 BKE11020 BKE37940 BKE11740 BKE12069 BKE38070 BKE13050 BKE13560 BKE38190 BKE13970 BKE38310 BKE14430 BKE16220 BKE38420 BKE16260 BKE08340 BKE09259 BKE10320 BKE11090 BKE11750 BKE12100 BKE13110 BKE38499 BKE13620 BKE13980 BKE37160 BKE14470 BKE37280 BKE15300 BKE16290 BKE37440 BKE08350 BKE09260 BKE37560 BKE10330 BKE37660 BKE11120 BKE11820 BKE37790 BKE12220 BKE37950 BKE13140 BKE13650 BKE38080 BKE14010 BKE14480 BKE38220 BKE16100 BKE38340 BKE16299 BKE08600 BKE38430 BKE09440 BKE10470 BKE38550 BKE11139 BKE37180 BKE11900 BKE12280 BKE37290 BKE13200 BKE37460 BKE13760 BKE14071 BKE14640 BKE16160 BKE16310 BKE16330 BKE17240 BKE17500 BKE17680 BKE37580 BKE17940 BKE15970 BKE18390 BKE18820 BKE37830 BKE18980 BKE19300 BKE37970 BKE19940 BKE38090 BKE20310 BKE20620 BKE38229 BKE16690 BKE17250 BKE38350 BKE17520 BKE38440 BKE17690 BKE17950 BKE16010 BKE18490 BKE20470 BKE18860 BKE19000 BKE19410 BKE19980 BKE20330 BKE20630 BKE16340 BKE17350 BKE20800 BKE17530 BKE17000 BKE17720 BKE17960 BKE17490 BKE18500 BKE17660 BKE18870 BKE19090 BKE19420 BKE20080 BKE20390 BKE17890 BKE20640 BKE18290 BKE16825 BKE18720 BKE17400 BKE17540 BKE18979 BKE17730 BKE17990 BKE19240 BKE18560 BKE19930 BKE18880 BKE19140 BKE20250 BKE19510 BKE20130 BKE20480 BKE20400 BKE20660 BKE16370 BKE16910 BKE20840 BKE17450 BKE17559 BKE21040 BKE17740 BKE18000 BKE21560 BKE18660 BKE21790 BKE18930 BKE19150 BKE22880 BKE19800 BKE20170 BKE23530 BKE20410 BKE24020 BKE20770 BKE16940 BKE24730 BKE17470 BKE17610 BKE17870 BKE18050 BKE18669 BKE18960 BKE19220 BKE19810 BKE25800 BKE20180 BKE20420 BKE26480 BKE20780 BKE16980 BKE26640 BKE17480 BKE17620 BKE27540 BKE17880 BKE16350 BKE20860 BKE18690 BKE21090 BKE18970 BKE19230 BKE21620 BKE16360 BKE20200 BKE21930 BKE22920 BKE23620 BKE24110 BKE25030 BKE25820 BKE26490 BKE26670 BKE30930 BKE16380 BKE31790 BKE20890 BKE32420 BKE33420 BKE21320 BKE33960 BKE16450 BKE21640 BKE16470 BKE36030 BKE22030 BKE36400 BKE16420 BKE29390 BKE30070 BKE31020 BKE31980 BKE32760 BKE33490 BKE33980 BKE22980 BKE35050 BKE35680 BKE23800 BKE36040 BKE16590 BKE24160 BKE36440 BKE25050 BKE16620 BKE37960 BKE25890 BKE38950 BKE39830 BKE26500 BKE40250 BKE40000 BKE26780 BKE00840 BKE02650 BKE27820 BKE03940 BKE04970 BKE20970 BKE05980 BKE21329 BKE36620 BKE37090 BKE37990 BKE39190 BKE39850 BKE21650 BKE40420 BKE22120 BKE40010 BKE00890 BKE23240 BKE02800 BKE23820 BKE04050 BKE05010 BKE06073 BKE36630 BKE37200 BKE38110 BKE39330 BKE39880 BKE40480 BKE00210 BKE24170 BKE40040 BKE02860 BKE04080 BKE25060 BKE05020 BKE06078 BKE26050 BKE36669 BKE37230 BKE26530 BKE38160 BKE39339 BKE26880 BKE39980 BKE40750 BKE27840 BKE00300 BKE01240 BKE20980 BKE02930 BKE04600 BKE21330 BKE05409 BKE06280 BKE21690 BKE36720 BKE22320 BKE37310 BKE38200 BKE23360 BKE39600 BKE40070 BKE23850 BKE40780 BKE00420 BKE24180 BKE02170 BKE25120 BKE03240 BKE04800 BKE05410 BKE06340 BKE36820 BKE37320 BKE38400 BKE39610 BKE40130 BKE40790 BKE26210 BKE00600 BKE02290 BKE26558 BKE03610 BKE04870 BKE27009 BKE05540 BKE06410 BKE27930 BKE36860 BKE37450 BKE21000 BKE38720 BKE39680 BKE21390 BKE40139 BKE40870 BKE21700 BKE00680 BKE22720 BKE02530 BKE03780 BKE23370 BKE04910 BKE05550 BKE23950 BKE06480 BKE36900 BKE24320 BKE37780 BKE38870 BKE25190 BKE39770 BKE40150 BKE26360 BKE40930 BKE40030 BKE02620 BKE03860 BKE04920 BKE05820 BKE40050 BKE40060 BKE08060 BKE26560 BKE08840 BKE40080 BKE27150 BKE10680 BKE11690 BKE28040 BKE12640 BKE13730 BKE21020 BKE40180 BKE16320 BKE21410 BKE18700 BKE20060 BKE21710 BKE06940 BKE08150 BKE22760 BKE08890 BKE09770 BKE11200 BKE23500 BKE11928 BKE12649 BKE23980 BKE40170 BKE15770 BKE24520 BKE16400 BKE18709 BKE25690 BKE20230 BKE07210 BKE26400 BKE08370 BKE08940 BKE26570 BKE40090 BKE11220 BKE27180 BKE12390 BKE12690 BKE14720 BKE16020 BKE16610 BKE18899 BKE20280 BKE07350 BKE08400 BKE28330 BKE09080 BKE10060 BKE11370 BKE21030 BKE12440 BKE12830 BKE21490 BKE14740 BKE16180 BKE21750 BKE16900 BKE18920 BKE22770 BKE20450 BKE23520 BKE07590 BKE08425 BKE23990 BKE09090 BKE10350 BKE24680 BKE11382 BKE40100 BKE25700 BKE13380 BKE14970 BKE26450 BKE16250 BKE26630 BKE27420 BKE16390 BKE28370 BKE29000 BKE17190 BKE29400 BKE19470 BKE20530 BKE30135 BKE07750 BKE08450 BKE09165 BKE10450 BKE11450 BKE40110 BKE13460 BKE15250 BKE31070 BKE16270 BKE17790 BKE31990 BKE19689 BKE20680 BKE32800 BKE07770 BKE08460 BKE33550 BKE09280 BKE10530 BKE34010 BKE11560 BKE40120 BKE35070 BKE13530 BKE15390 BKE35690 BKE16280 BKE18040 BKE36050 BKE19880 BKE20720 BKE28460 BKE07880 BKE08610 BKE29070 BKE09330 BKE10550 BKE29410 BKE11650 BKE12550 BKE30340 BKE13680 BKE15590 BKE31100 BKE16300 BKE18440 BKE32160 BKE19990 BKE40190 BKE20810 BKE21420 BKE32980 BKE21960 BKE40200 BKE24330 BKE33730 BKE24690 BKE34120 BKE40270 BKE26000 BKE16460 BKE26680 BKE40310 BKE35699 BKE28860 BKE30230 BKE36070 BKE20850 BKE21450 BKE28560 BKE22240 BKE23328 BKE29080 BKE40240 BKE24700 BKE16440 BKE25670 BKE26075 BKE30430 BKE26710 BKE27800 BKE31150 BKE28930 BKE30370 BKE32290 BKE20870 BKE21460 BKE33000 BKE22330 BKE33740 BKE23329 BKE24370 BKE34470 BKE24910 BKE25720 BKE35470 BKE26090 BKE26970 BKE27860 BKE40330 BKE30450 BKE21100 BKE21500 BKE22460 BKE23420 BKE24430 BKE16480 BKE24980 BKE25780 BKE36240 BKE26140 BKE27060 BKE16410 BKE27880 BKE40340 BKE29150 BKE30740 BKE21190 BKE29740 BKE21598 BKE22660 BKE30710 BKE23670 BKE24460 BKE31260 BKE25180 BKE25860 BKE32300 BKE26190 BKE27340 BKE33250 BKE28200 BKE29450 BKE33770 BKE40350 BKE21220 BKE34510 BKE21610 BKE22680 BKE35490 BKE23680 BKE24500 BKE16560 BKE40260 BKE25930 BKE40280 BKE27350 BKE28360 BKE29630 BKE31190 BKE21260 BKE21720 BKE36330 BKE23030 BKE23910 BKE28710 BKE24510 BKE25520 BKE29160 BKE25940 BKE40290 BKE29850 BKE27380 BKE40320 BKE30770 BKE29679 BKE31530 BKE31300 BKE21300 BKE21820 BKE32310 BKE23180 BKE24310 BKE33340 BKE24640 BKE25570 BKE33860 BKE25990 BKE26430 BKE34610 BKE27469 BKE28690 BKE35620 BKE29710 BKE40360 BKE35770 BKE31560 BKE36350 BKE28910 BKE32650 BKE29170 BKE33270 BKE33760 BKE29870 BKE35030 BKE36120 BKE37220 BKE38150 BKE38680 BKE39710 BKE40520 BKE41040 BKE40430 BKE40450 BKE30880 BKE33280 BKE33790 BKE31720 BKE35319 BKE36180 BKE32330 BKE37340 BKE38210 BKE33370 BKE38750 BKE33870 BKE39900 BKE40510 BKE34630 BKE40529 BKE31690 BKE35640 BKE32740 BKE33290 BKE35960 BKE34290 BKE36360 BKE35590 BKE36270 BKE28970 BKE37400 BKE38260 BKE29180 BKE38970 BKE40140 BKE29900 BKE40574 BKE40540 BKE32970 BKE31700 BKE32820 BKE33310 BKE34330 BKE40460 BKE36490 BKE37420 BKE38300 BKE38980 BKE40160 BKE40578 BKE40560 BKE33560 BKE31960 BKE32960 BKE34500 BKE33470 BKE34340 BKE35910 BKE35730 BKE36560 BKE36850 BKE37520 BKE38330 BKE37840 BKE39290 BKE40210 BKE38510 BKE40590 BKE40570 BKE39300 BKE32320 BKE40220 BKE40600 BKE40573 BKE32480 BKE33020 BKE33720 BKE34930 BKE35950 BKE36870 BKE38018 BKE38580 BKE39360 BKE40300 BKE40610 BKE40579 BKE32500 BKE33210 BKE33750 BKE34950 BKE36110 BKE37170 BKE38040 BKE38650 BKE39540 BKE40470 BKE41030 BKE40580 BKE40630 BKE40720 BKE40850 BKE40980 BKE24610 BKE40640 BKE40730 BKE40860 BKE40990 BKE11430 BKE40650 BKE40740 BKE40880 BKE41000 BKE24220 BKE40670 BKE40760 BKE40910 BKE41010 BKE37670 BKE40680 BKE40770 BKE40920 BKE06720 BKE33920 BKE40690 BKE40800 BKE40950 BKE16140 BKE33930 BKE40700 BKE40820 BKE40960 BKE09910 BKE35500 BKE40710 BKE40830 BKE40970 BKE40500 BKE28050