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Drosophila 10002Ab-1 A slicer-mediated mechanism for repeat-associated siRNA 5' end formation in Drosophila.
Human and Animal Cells MDCK(RCB0995) High yield production of influenza virus in Madin Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells with stable knockdown of IRF7.
Human and Animal Cells CHO-K1(RCB0285) Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a human scavenger receptor with C-type lectin (SRCL), a novel member of a scavenger receptor family.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pda05545 , pda03530 , pda01560 , pda04389 , pda04574 NRT/PTR transporters are essential for translocation of glucosinolate defence compounds to seeds.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pda05157 , pda18125 , pda01657 , pda11897 , pda00826 Generation of chimeric repressors that confer salt tolerance in Arabidopsis and rice.
Prokaryotes E. coli JW5503-KC , JW2341-KC , JW0401-KC , JW3996-KC , JW0940-KC , JW2203-KC , JW5503-AM , JW3596-AM , JW3024-AM , JW3605-AM Pleiotropy complicates a trade-off between phage resistance and antibiotic resistance.
Prokaryotes E. coli ME9936 Visible light-inducible photolyase gene from the goldfish Carassius auratus.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) , COS-7(RCB0539) A novel mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase is an important negative regulator of lipopolysaccharide-mediated c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation in mouse macrophage cell lines.
DNA material pMXs-puro-Tim1 (RDB18978) , pMXs-puro-Tim2 (RDB18979) , pMXs-puro-Tim3 (RDB18980) , pMXs-puro-Tim4 (RDB18981) , pMXs-puro-Tim1-EGFP (RDB18982) , pMXs-puro-Tim2-EGFP (RDB18983) , pMXs-puro-Tim3-EGFP (RDB18984) , pMXs-puro-Tim4-EGFP (RDB18985) , pEF-Tim1-Fc (RDB18986) , pEF-Tim3-Fc (RDB18987) , ... Identification of Tim4 as a phosphatidylserine receptor.
DNA material pB-3-31 (RDB18708) Cloning and Characterization of a Human Genomic Sequence that Alleviates Repeat-Induced Gene Silencing.
DNA material pMXs-puro-mTMEM16A (RDB18742) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16B (RDB18743) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16C (RDB18744) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16D (RDB18745) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16E (RDB18746) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16F (RDB18747) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16G (RDB18748) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16H (RDB18749) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16J (RDB18750) , pMXs-puro-mTMEM16F-long (RDB18751) , ... Calcium-dependent phospholipid scrambling by TMEM16F.
General Microbes JCM30475 , JCM14081 , JCM16430 , JCM16055 , JCM18368 Haloplanus rubicundus sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from solar salt.
Human and Animal Cells HUDEP-2(RCB4557) Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout and transcriptional activation screening.
Clawed frogs / Newts A simple and practical workflow for genotyping of CRISPR-Cas9-based knockout phenotypes using multiplexed amplicon sequencing.
Human and Animal Cells F-36P(RCB0775) A transmembrane trap method for efficient cloning of genes encoding proteins possessing transmembrane domain.
DNA material Mouse Neuronal NOS cDNA (RDB01386) Structural diversity of neuronal nitric oxide synthase mRNA in the nervous system.
DNA material mST3GalII (RDB02072) Cloning and expression of cDNA for a new type of Gal beta 1,3GalNAc alpha 2,3-sialyltransferase.
Prokaryotes E. coli ME5305, MG1655, BW25113, ASKA library cAMP-CRP acts as a key regulator for the viable but non-culturable state in Escherichia coli.
DNA material NRCD human cDNA clones (RDB06607) Full-length transcriptome analysis of human retina-derived cell lines ARPE-19 and Y79 using the vector-capping method.
DNA material NIA/NIH Mouse cDNA Clone (RDB05723) Transcriptome analysis of mouse stem cells and early embryos.