RRC ID 53563
Author Ishihama A, Kori A, Koshio E, Yamada K, Maeda H, Shimada T, Makinoshima H, Iwata A, Fujita N.
Title Intracellular concentrations of 65 species of transcription factors with known regulatory functions in Escherichia coli.
Journal J. Bacteriol.
Abstract The expression pattern of the Escherichia coli genome is controlled in part by regulating the utilization of a limited number of RNA polymerases among a total of its approximately 4,600 genes. The distribution pattern of RNA polymerase changes from modulation of two types of protein-protein interactions: the interaction of core RNA polymerase with seven species of the sigma subunit for differential promoter recognition and the interaction of RNA polymerase holoenzyme with about 300 different species of transcription factors (TFs) with regulatory functions. We have been involved in the systematic search for the target promoters recognized by each sigma factor and each TF using the newly developed Genomic SELEX system. In parallel, we developed the promoter-specific (PS)-TF screening system for identification of the whole set of TFs involved in regulation of each promoter. Understanding the regulation of genome transcription also requires knowing the intracellular concentrations of the sigma subunits and TFs under various growth conditions. This report describes the intracellular levels of 65 species of TF with known function in E. coli K-12 W3110 at various phases of cell growth and at various temperatures. The list of intracellular concentrations of the sigma factors and TFs provides a community resource for understanding the transcription regulation of E. coli under various stressful conditions in nature.
Volume 196(15)
Pages 2718-27
Published 2014-8
DOI 10.1128/JB.01579-14
PII JB.01579-14
PMID 24837290
PMC PMC4135669
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Prokaryotes E. coli