RRC ID 53803
Author Asai K, Ishiwata K, Matsuzaki K, Sadaie Y.
Title A viable Bacillus subtilis strain without functional extracytoplasmic function sigma genes.
Journal J Bacteriol
Abstract We constructed a Bacillus subtilis Marburg strain that harbors deletion mutations in all seven extracytoplasmic function (ECF) sigma genes. The strain shows wild-type growth at 37 degrees C both in a complex and in a synthetic medium and exhibits wild-type sporulation. ECF sigma genes of B. subtilis are dispensable as long as no stress is imposed, although they seem to be required for quick response to stresses.
Volume 190(7)
Pages 2633-6
Published 2008-4-1
DOI 10.1128/JB.01859-07
PII JB.01859-07
PMID 18223082
PMC PMC2293210
MeSH Bacillus subtilis / genetics* Bacillus subtilis / physiology Bacterial Proteins / genetics* Bacterial Proteins / physiology Cell Division / genetics Cell Division / physiology Gene Deletion Microbial Viability / genetics* Models, Biological Mutation Polymerase Chain Reaction Sigma Factor / genetics* Sigma Factor / physiology Spores, Bacterial / genetics Spores, Bacterial / physiology
IF 3.234
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Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBS591 MBS592 MBS593 MBS594 MBS595 MBS596 MBS597 MBS598 MBS646 MBS647 MBS648 MBS649 MBS650 MBS651 MBS652 MBS653 MBS654 MBS655 MBS656 MBS657 MBS658 MBS659 MBS660 MBS661