RRC ID 53809
Author Hoshino A, Johzuka-Hisatomi Y, Iida S.
Title Gene duplication and mobile genetic elements in the morning glories.
Journal Gene
Abstract We review gene duplication and subsequent structural and functional divergence in the anthocyanin biosynthesis genes in the Japanese and common morning glories and discuss their evolutionary implications. These plants appear to contain at least six copies of the CHS gene and three tandem copies of the DFR gene. Of these, the CHS-D and DFR-B genes are mainly responsible for flower pigmentation and mutations in these genes confer white flowers. We compared the genomic sequences of these duplicated genes between the two morning glories and found small mobile element-like sequences (MELSs) and direct repeats (DRs) in introns and intergenic regions. The results indicate that the MELS elements and DRs play significant roles in divergence after gene duplication. We also discuss DNA rearrangements occurring before and after speciation of these morning glories. DNA transposable elements belonging to the Ac/Ds or En/Spm families have acted as major spontaneous mutagens in these morning glories. We also describe the structural features of the first Mu-related element found in the morning glories and polymorphisms found in the same species.
Volume 265(1-2)
Pages 1-10
Published 2001-3-7
DOI 10.1016/s0378-1119(01)00357-2
PII S0378111901003572
PMID 11255002
MeSH Alcohol Oxidoreductases / genetics Anthocyanins / biosynthesis Base Sequence DNA Transposable Elements / genetics* Gene Duplication* Intramolecular Lyases / genetics Molecular Sequence Data Phylogeny Plants / genetics* Plants / metabolism Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
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