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Author Hiratsuka T, Tsuruyama T, Kaszynski R, Kometani K, Minato N, Nakamura T, Tamaki K, Hiai H.
Title Bone marrow pre-B expansion by SL/Kh-Bomb1 locus: not sufficient for lymphomagenesis.
Journal Leuk. Res.
Abstract The pre-B lymphoma in SL/Kh mice is a polygenic trait involving a number of host genes. In prelymphoma-stage bone marrow, transient pre-B cell expansion is induced by a host locus, Bomb1, and later followed by the emergence of a monoclonal population with a similar phenotype. To determine whether these pre-B cells represent precursors of lymphomas, we generated a congenic strain, NFS.SL/Kh-Bomb1 mice, by marker-assisted backcrossing to NFS. The congenic mice showed pre-B cell expansion, but pre-B lymphomas were not observed, even after 1 year of observation, irrespective of murine leukemia virus inoculation. Disturbed early B cell differentiation per se is not sufficient for SL/Kh lymphomagenesis.
Volume 32(2)
Pages 309-14
Published 2008-2
DOI 10.1016/j.leukres.2007.05.013
PII S0145-2126(07)00223-8
PMID 17617450
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