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Author Tang W, Seth M, Tu S, Shen EZ, Li Q, Shirayama M, Weng Z, Mello CC.
Title A Sex Chromosome piRNA Promotes Robust Dosage Compensation and Sex Determination in C. elegans.
Journal Dev Cell
Abstract In metazoans, Piwi-related Argonaute proteins engage piRNAs (Piwi-interacting small RNAs) to defend the genome against invasive nucleic acids, such as transposable elements. Yet many organisms-including worms and humans-express thousands of piRNAs that do not target transposons, suggesting that piRNA function extends beyond genome defense. Here, we show that the X chromosome-derived piRNA 21ux-1 downregulates XOL-1 (XO Lethal), a master regulator of X chromosome dosage compensation and sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans. Mutations in 21ux-1 and several Piwi-pathway components sensitize hermaphrodites to dosage compensation and sex determination defects. We show that the piRNA pathway also targets xol-1 in C. briggsae, a nematode species related to C. elegans. Our findings reveal physiologically important piRNA-mRNA interactions, raising the possibility that piRNAs function broadly to ensure robust gene expression and germline development.
Volume 44(6)
Pages 762-770.e3
Published 2018-3-26
DOI 10.1016/j.devcel.2018.01.025
PII S1534-5807(18)30060-1
PMID 29456136
PMC PMC5991626
MeSH Animals Caenorhabditis elegans / genetics* Caenorhabditis elegans / metabolism Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins / genetics Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins / metabolism* Dosage Compensation, Genetic* Gene Expression Regulation* Phenotype RNA, Small Interfering / genetics* Sex Chromosomes* Sex Determination Analysis*
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