RRC ID 55017
Author Dang P, Fisher SA, Stefanik DJ, Kim J, Raper JA.
Title Coordination of olfactory receptor choice with guidance receptor expression and function in olfactory sensory neurons.
Journal PLoS Genet
Abstract Olfactory sensory neurons choose to express a single odorant receptor (OR) from a large gene repertoire and extend axons to reproducible, OR-specific locations within the olfactory bulb. This developmental process produces a topographically organized map of odorant experience in the brain. The axon guidance mechanisms that generate this pattern of connectivity, as well as those that coordinate OR choice and axonal guidance receptor expression, are incompletely understood. We applied the powerful approach of single-cell RNA-seq on newly born olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) in young zebrafish larvae to address these issues. Expression profiles were generated for 56 individual Olfactory Marker Protein (OMP) positive sensory neurons by single-cell (SC) RNA-seq. We show that just as in mouse OSNs, mature zebrafish OSNs typically express a single predominant OR transcript. Our previous work suggests that OSN targeting is related to the OR clade from which a sensory neuron chooses to express its odorant receptor. We categorized each of the mature cells based on the clade of their predominantly expressed OR. Transcripts expressed at higher levels in each of three clade-related categories were identified using Penalized Linear Discriminant Analysis (PLDA). A genome-wide approach was used to identify membrane-associated proteins that are most likely to have guidance-related activity. We found that OSNs that choose to express an OR from a particular clade also express specific subsets of potential axon guidance genes and transcription factors. We validated our identification of candidate axon guidance genes for one clade of OSNs using bulk RNA-seq from a subset of transgene-labeled neurons that project to a single protoglomerulus. The differential expression patterns of selected candidate guidance genes were confirmed using fluorescent in situ hybridization. Most importantly, we observed axonal mistargeting in knockouts of three candidate axonal guidance genes identified in this analysis: nrp1a, nrp1b, and robo2. In each case, targeting errors were detected in the subset of axons that normally express these transcripts at high levels, and not in the axons that express them at low levels. Our findings demonstrate that specific, functional, axonal guidance related genes are expressed in subsets of OSNs that that can be categorized by their patterns of OR expression.
Volume 14(1)
Pages e1007164
Published 2018-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007164
PMID 29385124
PMC PMC5809090
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