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C.elegans tm914 , tm1195 , tm894 , tm1019 , tm887 , tm1144 , tm2428 Transcriptomics of ivermectin response in Caenorhabditis elegans: Integrating abamectin quantitative trait loci and comparison to the Ivermectin-exposed DA1316 strain.
C.elegans tm4063 , tm840 Transcriptome profiling of the Caenorhabditis elegans intestine reveals that ELT-2 negatively and positively regulates intestinal gene expression within the context of a gene regulatory network.
C.elegans tm4977 Reprogramming of the transcriptome after heat stress mediates heat hormesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.
C.elegans tm463 CAJAL enables analysis and integration of single-cell morphological data using metric geometry.
Pathogenic bacteria Transcriptomic Profiles of Vibrio parahaemolyticus During Biofilm Formation.
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus ZrgA contributes to zinc acquisition in Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus Transcriptomics reveal the antibiofilm mechanism of NaCl combined with citral against Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus Transcriptomic Analysis of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Underlying the Wrinkly and Smooth Phenotypes.
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus Response mechanism of Vibrio parahaemolyticus at high pressure revealed by transcriptomic analysis.
Human and Animal Cells K562(RCB0027) , K-562(RCB1635) , K562(RCB1897) Variable characteristics overlooked in human K-562 leukemia cell lines with a common signature.
Drosophila D. suzukii (Kyorin, K-AWA036) Evolution of chemosensory tissues and cells across ecologically diverse Drosophilids
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) Effects of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) on gene expression profiles via nuclear receptors in HepaRG cells: Comparative study with in vitro transactivation assays.
Drosophila Whole transcriptome screening for novel genes involved in meiosis and fertility in Drosophila melanogaster.
Human and Animal Cells Ba/F3(RCB0805) The complexity of EGFR exon 19 deletion and L858R mutant cells as assessed by proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB1648) , HuH-7(RCB1942) Collagen triple helix repeat containing 1 is overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and promotes cell proliferation and motility.
Human and Animal Cells PC-9(RCB4455) TRIM28 is a distinct prognostic biomarker that worsens the tumor immune microenvironment in lung adenocarcinoma.
C.elegans tm8069 , tm2002 , tm3052 , tm6676 , tm13146 Identifying the Caenorhabditis elegans vulval transcriptome.
C.elegans tm2434 An updated C. elegans nuclear body muscle transcriptome for studies in muscle formation and function.
C.elegans Transcriptomic profiling of sex-specific olfactory neurons reveals subset-specific receptor expression in Caenorhabditis elegans.
C.elegans tm668 Loss of circRNAs from the crh-1 gene extends the mean lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans.