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Author Miki H, Hirose M, Ogonuki N, Inoue K, Kezuka F, Honda A, Mekada K, Hanaki K, Iwafune H, Yoshiki A, Ishino F, Ogura A.
Title Efficient production of androgenetic embryos by round spermatid injection.
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Abstract Mammalian androgenetic embryos can be produced by pronuclear exchange of fertilized oocytes or by dispermic in vitro fertilization of enucleated oocytes. Here, we report a new technique for producing mouse androgenetic embryos by injection of two round spermatid nuclei into oocytes, followed by female chromosome removal. We found that injection of round spermatids resulted in high rates of oocyte survival (88%). Androgenetic embryos thus produced developed into mid-gestation fetuses at various rates, depending on the mouse strain used. All the fetuses examined maintained paternally specific genomic imprinting memories. This technique also enabled us to produce complete heterozygous F1 embryos by injecting two spermatids from different strains. The best rate of fetal survival (12% per embryos transferred) was obtained with C57BL/6 x DBA/2 androgenetic embryos. We also generated embryonic stem cell lines efficiently with the genotype of Mus musculus domesticus x M. m. molossinus. Thus, injection of two round spermatid nuclei followed by maternal enucleation is an effective alternative method of producing androgenetic embryos that consistently develop into blastocysts and mid-gestation fetuses.
Volume 47(3)
Pages 155-60
Published 2009-3
DOI 10.1002/dvg.20451
PMID 19241381
MeSH Animals Cell Nucleus* Embryo, Mammalian* Female Male Mice Nuclear Transfer Techniques* Oocytes* Spermatids*
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