RRC ID 55792
Author Kato S, Tanno Y, Takaichi S, Shinomura T.
Title Low Temperature Stress Alters the Expression of Phytoene Desaturase Genes (crtP1 and crtP2) and the ζ-Carotene Desaturase Gene (crtQ) Together with the Cellular Carotenoid Content of Euglena gracilis.
Journal Plant Cell Physiol
Abstract Carotenoids participate in photosynthesis and photoprotection in oxygenic phototrophs. Euglena gracilis, a eukaryotic phytoflagellate, synthesizes several carotenoids: β-carotene, neoxanthin, diadinoxanthin and diatoxanthin. Temperature is one of the most striking external stimuli altering carotenoid production. In the present study, to elucidate the regulation of carotenoid synthesis of E. gracilis in response to environmental stimuli, we functionally identified phytoene desaturase genes (crtP1 and crtP2) and the ζ-carotene desaturase gene (crtQ) of this alga and analyzed expression of those genes and the composition of major carotenoids in cells grown under cold (20�C) and high-intensity light (HL; 240 �mol photon m-2 s-1) conditions. 20�C-HL treatment increased the transcriptional level of the phytoene synthase gene (crtB), and crtP1 and crtP2, whose products catalyze the early steps of carotenoid biosynthesis in this alga. Cultivation at 20�C under illumination at 55 �mol photon m-2 s-1 (low-intensity light; LL) decreased the cell concentration, Chl and total major carotenoid content by 61, 75 and 50%, respectively, relative to control (25�C-LL) cells. When grown at 20�C-HL, the cells showed a greater decrease in cell concentration and photosynthetic pigment contents than those in 20�C-LL. β-Carotene, neoxanthin and diadinoxanthin contents were decreased by more than half in 20�C-LL and 20�C-HL treatments. On the other hand, when subjected to 20�C-LL and 20�C-HL, the cells retained a diatoxanthin content comparable with control cells. Our findings suggested that diatoxanthin plays crucial roles in the acclimation to cold and intense light condition. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on a photosynthetic organism possessing dual crtP genes.
Volume 60(2)
Pages 274-284
Published 2019-2-1
DOI 10.1093/pcp/pcy208
PII 5141475
PMID 30346581
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