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Author Lu Z, Dai J, Zheng L, Teng Z, Zhang Q, Qiu D, Song L.
Title Disodium 2-oxoglutarate promotes carbon flux into astaxanthin and fatty acid biosynthesis pathways in Haematococcus.
Journal Bioresour Technol
Abstract Improving carbon availability in astaxanthin production is pivotal in Haematococcus industry. In this study, disodium 2-oxoglutarate (2-OG-2Na) was observed to be a potential carbon regulator to increase the astaxanthin content. To illustrate its efficacy in astaxanthin production, key genes and enzyme were analyzed. Upon 2-OG-2Na treatment, genes ipi, bkt and crtR-b were up regulated, concomitantly, carotenoids and astaxanthin content increased by 15.4% and 14.0% at 120 h, respectively; additionally, Acetyl-CoA carboxylase was activated, consistent with 1.27-fold increase in fatty acids content. PUFAs increased earlier as fatty acids assembly gene fad was up-regulated to 20.56. It was also found that cell division was not compromised. Altogether, it was suggested that increased carbon skeletons were re-directed into the astaxanthin and fatty acids biosynthesis pathway. Furthermore, 2-OG-2Na was applied in ten Haematococcus strains. Of these strains, astaxanthin contents were accelerated with average net increase of 10.48%, exhibiting a scalable paradigm for commercial production.
Volume 299
Pages 122612
Published 2020-3-1
DOI 10.1016/j.biortech.2019.122612
PII S0960-8524(19)31842-5
PMID 31874452
MeSH Carbon Cycle Fatty Acids Ketoglutaric Acids* Xanthophylls*
IF 6.669
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