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Author Huang KH, Rupprecht P, Frank T, Kawakami K, Bouwmeester T, Friedrich RW.
Title A virtual reality system to analyze neural activity and behavior in adult zebrafish.
Journal Nat Methods
Abstract Virtual realities are powerful tools to analyze and manipulate interactions between animals and their environment and to enable measurements of neuronal activity during behavior. In many species, however, optical access to the brain and/or the behavioral repertoire are limited. We developed a high-resolution virtual reality for head-restrained adult zebrafish, which exhibit cognitive behaviors not shown by larvae. We noninvasively measured activity throughout the dorsal telencephalon by multiphoton calcium imaging. Fish in the virtual reality showed regular swimming patterns and were attracted to animations of conspecifics. Manipulations of visuo-motor feedback revealed neurons that responded selectively to the mismatch between the expected and the actual visual consequences of motor output. Such error signals were prominent in multiple telencephalic areas, consistent with models of predictive processing. A virtual reality system for adult zebrafish therefore provides opportunities to analyze neuronal processing mechanisms underlying higher brain functions including decision making, associative learning, and social interactions.
Volume 17(3)
Pages 343-351
Published 2020-3
DOI 10.1038/s41592-020-0759-2
PII 10.1038/s41592-020-0759-2
PMID 32123394
PMC PMC7100911
MeSH Animals Behavior, Animal* Brain / diagnostic imaging* Brain Mapping Cognition Decision Making Female Male Motor Skills Neurons / physiology* Probability Social Behavior Swimming User-Computer Interface* Virtual Reality* Zebrafish
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