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Author Okuzaki Y, Kaneoka H, Suzuki T, Hagihara Y, Nakayama Y, Murakami S, Murase Y, Kuroiwa A, Iijima S, Nishijima KI.
Title PRDM14 and BLIMP1 control the development of chicken primordial germ cells.
Journal Dev Biol
Abstract The differentiation of primordial germ cells (PGCs) is a fundamental step in development. PR domain-containing protein 14 (PRDM14) and B lymphocyte-induced maturation protein 1 (BLIMP1) play pivotal roles in mouse PGC specification. In the present study, we assessed the roles of chicken orthologs of PRDM14 and BLIMP1 in PGC development. PRDM14 and BLIMP1 were expressed in blastodermal cells and PGCs. The in vivo knockdown of PRDM14 or BLIMP1 by introducing a replication-competent retroviral vector expressing shRNAs to the blastodermal stage of embryos reduced the number of SSEA-1 or chicken vasa homologue-positive PGCs on day 5.5-6.5. Since the inhibition of Activin receptor-like kinase 4/5/7 in cultured PGCs reduced the expression of PRDM14, BLIMP1, and NANOG, and that of MEK inhibited PRDM14 expression, the expression of these genes seems to be controlled by Activin A and FGF2 signaling. Overall, PRDM14, BLIMP1, and NANOG seem to be involved in the self-renewal of PGCs in cultured PGCs and embryos.
Volume 455(1)
Pages 32-41
Published 2019-11-1
DOI 10.1016/j.ydbio.2019.06.018
PII S0012-1606(18)30799-1
PMID 31271752
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