RRC ID 63275
Author Osano K, Otsuka A, Ono M.
Title State of chromatin sensitivity to DNase I in the rat Ig-beta/growth hormone locus determined by real-time PCR.
Journal Biol Pharm Bull
Abstract Using Ig-beta and growth hormone producing cells with liver-derived cells for controls, sensitivity of chromatin to DNase I was measured by real-time PCR at eleven targets in rat Ig-beta/growth hormone locus where four cell type-specific genes and two ubiquitously expressed genes are present in a compact 88-kb region. Chromatin situated at the promoter of actively-transcribed gene and placed at cell type-specific DNase I hypersensitive sites with enhancer activity was sensitive to DNase I. In the case of inactive gene, chromatin located in these regions was resistant to DNase I. Unexpectedly, however, chromatin placed in the transcribed intron was resistant to DNase I in two genes. DNase I sensitive chromatin was shown not to distribute locus-widely but rather to localize at the promoter and the enhancer of actively-transcribed genes in this locus.
Volume 27(2)
Pages 222-5
Published 2004-2-1
DOI 10.1248/bpb.27.222
PMID 14758038
MeSH Animals Cells, Cultured Chromatin / genetics Chromatin / metabolism* Deoxyribonuclease I / metabolism* Enhancer Elements, Genetic Exons Growth Hormone / genetics Growth Hormone / metabolism* Immunoglobulins / genetics Immunoglobulins / metabolism* Introns Polymerase Chain Reaction Promoter Regions, Genetic Rats
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