RRC ID 64640
Author Sumiya YU, Inoue T, Ishikawa M, Inui T, Kuchiike D, Kubo K, Uto Y, Nishikata T.
Title Macrophages Exhibit a Large Repertoire of Activation States via Multiple Mechanisms of Macrophage-activating Factors.
Journal Anticancer Res
Abstract BACKGROUND/AIM:Macrophages are important components of human defense systems and consequently key to antitumor immunity. Human-serum macrophage activation factor (serum MAF) can activate macrophages, making it a promising reagent for anticancer therapy.
MATERIALS AND METHODS:We established four different macrophage subtypes through introduction of different culture conditions to THP-1- and U937-derived macrophages. We assessed phagocytic activity to understand subtype responses to typical macrophage activation factors (MAFs) and the activation mechanisms of serum MAF.
RESULTS:All four macrophage subtypes differed in their response to all MAFs. Moreover, serum MAF had two different activation mechanisms: N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc)-dependent and GalNAc-independent.
CONCLUSION:Macrophage activation states and mechanisms are heterogeneous.
Volume 36(7)
Pages 3619-23
Published 2016-7-1
PII 36/7/3619
PMID 27354632
MeSH Humans Lipopolysaccharides / pharmacology Macrophage Activation* Macrophage-Activating Factors / pharmacology* Macrophage-Activating Factors / physiology Macrophages / drug effects Macrophages / physiology* U937 Cells
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Human and Animal Cells U937 THP-1(RCB1189)