RRC ID 65355
Author Chaves DA, Dai H, Li L, Moresco JJ, Oh ME, Conte D Jr, Yates JR 3rd, Mello CC, Gu W.
Title The RNA phosphatase PIR-1 regulates endogenous small RNA pathways in C. elegans.
Journal Mol Cell
Abstract Eukaryotic cells regulate 5'-triphosphorylated RNAs (ppp-RNAs) to promote cellular functions and prevent recognition by antiviral RNA sensors. For example, RNA capping enzymes possess triphosphatase domains that remove the γ phosphates of ppp-RNAs during RNA capping. Members of the closely related PIR-1 (phosphatase that interacts with RNA and ribonucleoprotein particle 1) family of RNA polyphosphatases remove both the β and γ phosphates from ppp-RNAs. Here, we show that C. elegans PIR-1 dephosphorylates ppp-RNAs made by cellular RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRPs) and is required for the maturation of 26G-RNAs, Dicer-dependent small RNAs that regulate thousands of genes during spermatogenesis and embryogenesis. PIR-1 also regulates the CSR-1 22G-RNA pathway and has critical functions in both somatic and germline development. Our findings suggest that PIR-1 modulates both Dicer-dependent and Dicer-independent Argonaute pathways and provide insight into how cells and viruses use a conserved RNA phosphatase to regulate and respond to ppp-RNA species.
Volume 81(3)
Pages 546-557.e5
Published 2021-2-4
DOI 10.1016/j.molcel.2020.12.004
PII S1097-2765(20)30896-0
PMID 33378643
PMC PMC7867642
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