RRC ID 6681
Author Morita T, Amagai A, Maeda Y.
Title Unique behavior of a dictyostelium homologue of TRAP-1, coupling with differentiation of D. discoideum cells.
Journal Exp Cell Res
Abstract Dd-TRAP1 is a Dictyostelium homologue of TRAP-1, a human protein that binds to the type 1 tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor. TRAP-1 has a putative mitochondrial localization sequence and shows significant homology to members of the HSP90 family. Although TRAP-1 is mainly localized to mitochondria in several mammalian cells, in certain tissues it is also localized at specific extramitochondrial sites. In Dictyostelium cells, Dd-TRAP1 is predominantly located in the cell membrane/cortex during growth and just after starvation. Double staining of vegetatively growing cells with the anti-Dd-TRAP1 antibody and TRITC-phalloidin has demonstrated colocalization of Dd-TRAP1 and F-actin at the leading edge of cortical protrusions such as pseudopodes. Coupled with differentiation, however, Dd-TRAP1 located at the cortical region is translocated to mitochondria in spite of the absence of the mitochondrial localization sequence at its N-terminus. The translocation of this protein raises interesting and fundamental questions regarding possible mechanisms by which Dd-TRAP1 is involved in cellular differentiation.
Volume 280(1)
Pages 45-54
Published 2002-10-15
DOI 10.1006/excr.2002.5620
PII S001448270295620X
PMID 12372338
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