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Human and Animal Cells CHO-K1(RCB0285) T75M-KCNJ2 mutation causing Andersen-Tawil syndrome enhances inward rectification by changing Mg2+ sensitivity.
DNA material pcDNA3-hARFRP1(WT)-HA (RDB20094) , pcDNA3-hARFRP1(Q79L)-HA (RDB20095) , pcDNA3-hARFRP1(T31N)-HA (RDB20096) Roles of ARFRP1 (ADP-ribosylation factor-related protein 1) in post-Golgi membrane trafficking.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pda10168 A dominant-negative form of Arabidopsis AP-3 β-adaptin improves intracellular pH homeostasis.
Cellular slime molds S00065 , S00066 , S00068 , S00064 , S00404 Field model for multistate lateral diffusion of various transmembrane proteins observed in living Dictyostelium cells.
C.elegans tm5159 , tm2081 Endocytosis in the axon initial segment maintains neuronal polarity.
C.elegans tmIs1073 , tmIs1072 The LRR-TM protein PAN-1 interacts with MYRF to promote its nuclear translocation in synaptic remodeling.
C.elegans tm1595 , tm5356 , tm847 , tm2423 , tm2404 , tm3643 , tm1320 SNX-3 mediates retromer-independent tubular endosomal recycling by opposing EEA-1-facilitated trafficking.
C.elegans tm390 , tm14710 , tm3568 , FX30203 INPP5K and Atlastin-1 maintain the nonuniform distribution of ER-plasma membrane contacts in neurons.
C.elegans PDZD-8 and TEX-2 regulate endosomal PI(4,5)P2 homeostasis via lipid transport to promote embryogenesis in C. elegans.
Human and Animal Cells U-937 DE-4(RCB0435) The perturbed membrane of cells undergoing apoptosis is susceptible to type II secretory phospholipase A2 to liberate arachidonic acid.
Human and Animal Cells A549 The Glycosylated N-Terminal Domain of MUC1 Is Involved in Chemoresistance by Modulating Drug Permeation Across the Plasma Membrane.
Drosophila DGRC#117011 Hypoxia controls plasma membrane targeting of polarity proteins by dynamic turnover of PI4P and PI(4,5)P2.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pdp04669 , pdp21814 Cellulose synthase-like D movement in the plasma membrane requires enzymatic activity.
Human and Animal Cells Jurkat(RCB3052) Chemoenzymatic Labeling to Visualize Intercellular Contacts Using Lipidated SortaseA.
Human and Animal Cells BeWo(RCB3678) Inefficient development of syncytiotrophoblasts in the Atp11a-deficient mouse placenta.
DNA material pJNC-hMMP2-GLuc (RDB19846) Video-rate bioluminescence imaging of matrix metalloproteinase-2 secreted from a migrating cell.
DNA material CS-CDF-CG-PRE (RDB04379) Involvement of intracellular transport in TREK-1c current run-up in 293T cells.
DNA material pQE30/His6-mRFP-NT-Lys (RDB13960) , pET28/His6-mCherry-D4 (RDB14300) Protocol to analyze lipid asymmetry in the plasma membrane.
DNA material pCMV-VSV-G (RDB04392) Two types of type IV P-type ATPases independently re-establish the asymmetrical distribution of phosphatidylserine in plasma membranes.
DNA material pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Re (RDB04393) A chemogenetic platform for controlling plasma membrane signaling and synthetic signal oscillation.