RRC ID 6720
Author Yamada Y, Sakamoto H, Ogihara S, Maeda M.
Title Novel patterns of the gene expression regulation in the prestalk region along the antero-posterior axis during multicellular development of Dictyostelium.
Journal Gene Expr. Patterns
Abstract Simultaneous hybridization with differentially labeled fluorescent probes for in situ hybridization analysis revealed several novel expression patterns of prestalk genes during multicellular development of Dictyostelium. Seven prestalk genes and one prespore gene (pspA) were analyzed in this study. The patterns identified here indicate that prestalk cells are more heterogeneous than previously thought. Heterogeneity was observed in peripheral prestalk tissues such as the pstAO domain of a slug and the prestalk region surrounding a stalk tube of a culminant. Heterogeneity was also observed in the core pstAB cells of the slug and immature stalk cells within the stalk tube. The upper- and lower-cups of a late culminant were also composed of several subdomains.
Volume 6(1)
Pages 63-8
Published 2005-12
DOI 10.1016/j.modgep.2005.04.017
PII S1567-133X(05)00062-1
PMID 16024295
MeSH Animals Dictyostelium / chemistry Dictyostelium / genetics* Dictyostelium / growth & development* Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental* Genes, Protozoan / genetics* RNA, Messenger / analysis RNA, Messenger / metabolism
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