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Author Nagano H, Onishi K, Ogasawara M, Horiuchi Y, Sano Y.
Title Genealogy of the "Green Revolution" gene in rice.
Journal Genes Genet Syst
Abstract During the "Green Revolution" of rice, high-yielding varieties (HYVs) were developed using a semi-dwarf gene (sd1 or OsGA20ox2). The presence or absence of the two mutant alleles (DGWG type in Dee-geo-woo-gen and JKK type in Jikkoku) were surveyed by PCR using 256 accessions of eight wild and two cultivate rice species. The DGWG allele was detected in a landrace (Oryza sativa) and two accessions of wild rice (O. rufipogon), all of which are from China, showing their limited distribution. Genealogical studies of the OsGA20ox2 gene showed that the 62 sequences of O. sativa and O. rufipogon included 20 distinct haplotypes, indicating that the species complex contained OsGA20ox2 genes from two different lineages. The silent site nucleotide diversities (pi and theta(w)) were extremely low in Japonica rice, suggesting a genetic bottleneck. The haplotype network showed that the DGWG and JKK alleles were derived in different lineages. The DGWG carrier (W1944) had unique polymorphisms in the surrounding region of the locus, suggesting that the DGWG allele has been preserved in the wild progenitor, rather than that the DGWG allele has been introgressed from HYVs to W1944. Although a semi-dwarfing plant is a weak competitor under saturated fields, the crossing experiment revealed that the DGWG variant might have been preserved as a hidden variation in the genetic background of wild rice, without expressing a short-stature.
Volume 80(5)
Pages 351-6
Published 2005-10-1
DOI 10.1266/ggs.80.351
PII JST.JSTAGE/ggs/80.351
PMID 16394586
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Rice C9071 W0025(=>C0025) W1952 W1944 W1718 W0120 W0106 W0107 W1551 W1681 W1714 W1865 W0630 W2107 W2108 W1970 W1943 W1945 W0149 W2005 W0172 W1294 W1807 W2014 W0593 W1990 W1187 W1239 W2080 T0708 T0544 T0446 T0536 T0325 T0627 T0221 T0160 T1075 T0868 T414 T0108 T0435 T0145 T0717 T0706 T0147 T0133 T0132