RRC ID 70428
Author Pickering M, Magner M, Keifenheim D, Rhind N.
Title The fission yeast S-phase cyclin Cig2 can drive mitosis.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Commitment to mitosis is regulated by cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) activity. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the major B-type cyclin, Cdc13, is necessary and sufficient to drive mitotic entry. Furthermore, Cdc13 is also sufficient to drive S phase, demonstrating that a single cyclin can regulate alternating rounds of replication and mitosis, and providing the foundation of the quantitative model of CDK function. It has been assumed that Cig2, a B-type cyclin expressed only during S phase and incapable of driving mitosis in wild-type cells, was specialized for S-phase regulation. Here, we show that Cig2 is capable of driving mitosis. Cig2/CDK activity drives mitotic catastrophe-lethal mitosis in inviably small cells-in cells that lack CDK inhibition by tyrosine-phosphorylation. Moreover, Cig2/CDK can drive mitosis in the absence of Cdc13/CDK activity and constitutive expression of Cig2 can rescue loss of Cdc13 activity. These results demonstrate that in fission yeast, not only can the presumptive M-phase cyclin drive S phase, but the presumptive S-phase cyclin can drive M phase, further supporting the quantitative model of CDK function. Furthermore, these results provide an explanation, previously proposed on the basis of computational analyses, for the surprising observation that cells expressing a single-chain Cdc13-Cdc2 CDK do not require Y15 phosphorylation for viability. Their viability is due to the fact that in such cells, which lack Cig2/CDK complexes, Cdc13/CDK activity is unable to drive mitotic catastrophe.
Volume 217(1)
Pages 1-12
Published 2021-3-3
DOI 10.1093/genetics/iyaa002
PII 5974038
PMID 33683349
PMC PMC8045716
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