RRC ID 70580
Author Yang YHC, Briant LJB, Raab CA, Mullapudi ST, Maischein HM, Kawakami K, Stainier DYR.
Title Innervation modulates the functional connectivity between pancreatic endocrine cells.
Journal Elife
Abstract The importance of pancreatic endocrine cell activity modulation by autonomic innervation has been debated. To investigate this question, we established an in vivo imaging model that also allows chronic and acute neuromodulation with genetic and optogenetic tools. Using the GCaMP6s biosensor together with endocrine cell fluorescent reporters, we imaged calcium dynamics simultaneously in multiple pancreatic islet cell types in live animals in control states and upon changes in innervation. We find that by 4 days post fertilization in zebrafish, a stage when islet architecture is reminiscent of that in adult rodents, prominent activity coupling between beta cells is present in basal glucose conditions. Furthermore, we show that both chronic and acute loss of nerve activity result in diminished beta-beta and alpha-beta activity coupling. Pancreatic nerves are in contact with all islet cell types, but predominantly with beta and delta cells. Surprisingly, a subset of delta cells with detectable peri-islet neural activity coupling had significantly higher homotypic coupling with other delta cells suggesting that some delta cells receive innervation that coordinates their output. Overall, these data show that innervation plays a vital role in the maintenance of homotypic and heterotypic cellular connectivity in pancreatic islets, a process critical for islet function.
Volume 11
Published 2022-4-4
DOI 10.7554/eLife.64526
PII 64526
PMID 35373736
PMC PMC9007585
MeSH Animals Endocrine Cells* Insulin-Secreting Cells* Islets of Langerhans* / metabolism Pancreas Zebrafish
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