RRC ID 71609
Author Nakanishi H, Suda T, Katoh M, Watanabe A, Igishi T, Kodani M, Matsumoto S, Nakamoto M, Shigeoka Y, Okabe T, Oshimura M, Shimizu E.
Title Loss of imprinting of PEG1/MEST in lung cancer cell lines.
Journal Oncol Rep
Abstract Paternally expressed imprinted gene 1/mesoderm-specific transcript (PEG1/MEST) is an imprinted gene expressed from the paternal allele. Recently, frequent loss of imprinting (LOI) of PEG1/MEST has been reported in lung adenocarcinomas. It is suggested that the LOI may be involved in pathogenesis of lung adenocarcinoma. In the present study, incidence of LOI of PEG1/MEST was examined in lung cancer cell lines, including small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Among 50 cell lines tested, 20 cell lines were heterozygous for the AflIII site of the PEG1/MEST gene. In these heterozygotes, biallelic expression was observed in 9 cell lines (45%), monoallelic in 11 (55%). In cell lines of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), 62% (8 of 13) exhibited biallelic expression. In SCLC, only 1 of 7 cell lines (14%) showed biallelic expression. LOI of PEG1/MEST in the NSCLC cell line is significantly frequent compared with that in SCLC cell lines (p=0.043). This result supports the possibility that LOI may be related to tumorigenesis and malignant transformation, especially in NSCLC.
Volume 12(6)
Pages 1273-8
Published 2004-12-1
PMID 15547750
MeSH Adenocarcinoma / genetics Carcinoma, Giant Cell / genetics Carcinoma, Large Cell / genetics Carcinoma, Small Cell / genetics Carcinoma, Squamous Cell / genetics Cell Line, Tumor Genomic Imprinting* Humans Lung Neoplasms / genetics* Polymorphism, Genetic Proteins / genetics*
IF 3.417
Human and Animal Cells RERF-LC-KJ(RCB1313) RERF-LC-AI8RCB0444) A549(RCB0098) LC-IF(RCB0439) LC-l/sq(RCB0455) HLC-l(RCB0083)