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Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , HNI-II (IB176) High-speed system to generate congenic strains in medaka
Rice W0106, W0120 Natural variations at the Stay-Green gene promoter control lifespan and yield in rice cultivars.
Human and Animal Cells COS-1(RCB0143) A novel and de novo splice-donor site mutation in intron 3 of the GH-1 gene in a patient with isolated growth hormone deficiency.
Human and Animal Cells RERF-LC-KJ(RCB1313) , RERF-LC-AI8RCB0444) , A549(RCB0098) , LC-IF(RCB0439) , LC-l/sq(RCB0455) , HLC-l(RCB0083) Loss of imprinting of PEG1/MEST in lung cancer cell lines.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes sja Amino acid polymorphisms in strictly conserved domains of a P-type ATPase HMA5 are involved in the mechanism of copper tolerance variation in Arabidopsis.
Human and Animal Cells T98G(RCB1954) Functional characterization of 5-oxoproline transport via SLC16A1/MCT1.
Human and Animal Cells COS-7(RCB0539) Functional characterization of 12 allelic variants of CYP2C8 by assessment of paclitaxel 6α-hydroxylation and amodiaquine N-deethylation.
Human and Animal Cells HHUA(RCB0658) An upstream estrogen response element linked to exogenous p53 tumor suppressor gene expression differentiates effects of the codon 72 polymorphism.
Human and Animal Cells PC-9(RCB4455) Resminostat, a histone deacetylase inhibitor, circumvents tolerance to EGFR inhibitors in EGFR-mutated lung cancer cells with BIM deletion polymorphism.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) , Lu-134-A(RCB0466) , Lu-134-B(RCB0467) , SCCKN(RCB0441) , SKG-II-SF(RCB0685) , SSP-25(RCB1293) , TCS(RCB0638) , RERF-LC-AI(RCB0444) , KG-1(RCB1166) Essential role for gene profiling analysis in the authentication of human cell lines.
Human and Animal Cells RGB3T3-1(RCB0163) Both antiviral activity and intracellular localization of chicken Mx protein depend on a polymorphism at amino acid position 631.
Human and Animal Cells Control iPS Functional evaluation of the pathological significance of MEFV variants using induced pluripotent stem cell-derived macrophages.
Chicken / Quail Identification of TENP as the Gene Encoding Chicken Egg White Ovoglobulin G2 and Demonstration of Its High Genetic Variability in Chickens.
Wheat KU-2208A , KU-14601 , KU-14605 , KU-12963a , KU-2236 , KU-7716 , KU-7848 , KU-5784 , KU-14613 , KU-5752 Origin of wheat B-genome chromosomes inferred from RNA sequencing analysis of leaf transcripts from section Sitopsis species of Aegilops.
GBIF Freshwater Fish Specimens of Lake Biwa Museum Integrated Cytogenetic and Mitochondrial DNA Analyses Indicate That Two Different Phenotypes of Hypancistrus (L066 and L333) Belong to the Same Species.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) Functional polymorphisms in asporin and CILP together with joint loading predispose to hand osteoarthritis.
DNA material Human Chromosome 21 Clone CMP21-S491 (RDB03141) Detailed analysis of inversions predicted between two human genomes: errors, real polymorphisms, and their origin and population distribution.
General Microbes JCM11708 Two new Leptographium spp. reveal an emerging complex of hardwood-infecting species in the Ophiostomatales.
Rice O.glaberrima introgression lines Lineage-specific gene acquisition or loss is involved in interspecific hybrid sterility in rice.
Human and Animal Cells NIH3T3-3-4(RCB1862) Cell-surface MHC density profiling reveals instability of autoimmunity-associated HLA.