RRC ID 71859
Author Banshoya K, Fujita C, Hokimoto Y, Ohnishi M, Inoue A, Tanaka T, Kaneo Y.
Title Amphotericin B nanohydrogel ocular formulation using alkyl glyceryl hyaluronic acid: Formulation, characterization, and in vitro evaluation.
Journal Int J Pharm
Abstract The present study focused on the development of an amphotericin B (AmB) nanoformulation for ophthalmic applications. Accordingly, AmB nanohydrogels (AHA/AmB) using alkyl glyceryl hyaluronic acid (Hyalorepair®, AHA), a hydrophobized hyaluronic acid, were prepared by employing the dialysis method, followed by assessments of physical properties, drug efficacy, and toxicity. In the AHA/AmB formulation, AmB existed in a self-aggregated and amorphous state in the hydrophobic environment of the AHA moiety. AHA/AmB was shown in vitro to interact with mucin, which is known to be expressed in the corneal epithelium and was expected to improve its corneal retention. Compared with the conventional AmB formulation, amphotericin B sodium deoxycholate, AHA/AmB had the same in vitro antifungal activity but significantly lower in vitro toxicity. These findings indicate that nanohydrogels prepared with AHA possess high fungal selectivity and serve as a promising system for ophthalmic AmB delivery.
Volume 610
Pages 121061
Published 2021-12-15
DOI 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.121061
PII S0378-5173(21)00867-X
PMID 34481008
MeSH Amphotericin B* / toxicity Antifungal Agents / toxicity Fungi Hyaluronic Acid* Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions
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