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Human and Animal Cells EBC-1(RCB1965) Engineering hydrophobicity and manufacturability for optimized biparatopic antibody-drug conjugates targeting c-MET.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Construction of multifunctional proteins for tissue engineering: epidermal growth factor with collagen binding and cell adhesive activities.
C.elegans tm4909 The cellular modifier MOAG-4/SERF drives amyloid formation through charge complementation.
General Microbes JCM 7255 , JCM 1149 Direct measurement of adhesion force between a yeast cell and a lactic acid bacterium cell with atomic force microscopy.
General Microbes JCM 2012 , JCM 1192 , JCM 7671 Potent bactericidal activity of reduced cryptdin-4 derived from its hydrophobicity and mediated by bacterial membrane disruption.
Human and Animal Cells COS-7(RCB0539) Effects of Hydrophobic Residues on the Intracellular Self-Assembly of De Novo Designed Peptide Tags and Their Orthogonality.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) Amphotericin B nanohydrogel ocular formulation using alkyl glyceryl hyaluronic acid: Formulation, characterization, and in vitro evaluation.
General Microbes JCM2466 Role of arthroconidia in biofilm formation by Trichosporon asahii.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1(RCB1126) Green synthesized nano-cellulose polyethylene imine-based biological membrane.
Human and Animal Cells 409B2(HPS0076) A widespread family of heat-resistant obscure (Hero) proteins protect against protein instability and aggregation.
Human and Animal Cells L929(RCB1451) Novel hydrophobically modified agarose cryogels fabricated using dimethyl sulfoxide.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Efficient protein incorporation and release by a jigsaw-shaped self-assembling peptide hydrogel for injured brain regeneration.
Human and Animal Cells NIH3T3-3-4(RCB1862) Chondroitin Sulfate-Based pH-Sensitive Polymer-Modified Liposomes for Intracellular Antigen Delivery and Induction of Cancer Immunity.
Human and Animal Cells B16F10(RCB2630) Solid-in-Oil Peptide Nanocarriers for Transcutaneous Cancer Vaccine Delivery against Melanoma.
General Microbes JCM16167 , JCM12533 , JCM1558 , JCM1149 , JCM16169 Screening of Lactobacillus plantarum Subsp. plantarum with Potential Probiotic Activities for Inhibiting ETEC K88 in Weaned Piglets.
Zebrafish Tg(cmlc2:mRFP)ko07 Identification of Potent In Vivo Autotaxin Inhibitors that Bind to Both Hydrophobic Pockets and Channels in the Catalytic Domain.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa Haemorrhagic snake venom metalloproteases and human ADAMs cleave LRP5/6, which disrupts cell-cell adhesions in vitro and induces haemorrhage in vivo.
Human and Animal Cells iPS-MEF-Ng-178B-5(APS0002) Construction of a Defined Biomimetic Matrix for Long-Term Maintenance of Mouse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.
Human and Animal Cells MCF7(RCB1904) Construction of DNA-displaying nanoparticles by enzymatic conjugation of DNA and elastin-like polypeptides using a replication initiation protein.
Human and Animal Cells L929 Poly(2-aminoethyl methacrylate)-based polyampholyte brush surface with carboxylic groups to improve blood compatibility.