RRC ID 72416
Author Fukai E, Yoshikawa M, Shah N, Sandal N, Miyao A, Ono S, Hirakawa H, Akyol TY, Umehara Y, Nonomura KI, Stougaard J, Hirochika H, Hayashi M, Sato S, Andersen SU, Okazaki K.
Title Widespread and transgenerational retrotransposon activation in inter- and intraspecies recombinant inbred populations of Lotus japonicus.
Journal Plant J
Abstract Transposable elements (TEs) constitute a large proportion of genomes of multicellular eukaryotes, including flowering plants. TEs are normally maintained in a silenced state and their transpositions rarely occur. Hybridization between distant species has been regarded as a 'shock' that stimulates genome reorganization, including TE mobilization. However, whether crosses between genetically close parents that result in viable and fertile offspring can induce TE transpositions has remained unclear. Here, we investigated the activation of long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons in three Lotus japonicus recombinant inbred line (RIL) populations. We found that at least six LTR retrotransposon families were activated and transposed in 78% of the RILs investigated. LORE1a, one of the transposed LTR retrotransposons, showed transgenerational epigenetic activation, indicating the long-term effects of epigenetic instability induced by hybridization. Our study highlights TE activation as an unexpectedly common event in plant reproduction.
Volume 111(5)
Pages 1397-1410
Published 2022-9-1
DOI 10.1111/tpj.15896
PMID 35792830
MeSH Evolution, Molecular Genome, Plant / genetics Hybridization, Genetic Lotus* / genetics Plants / genetics Retroelements* / genetics Terminal Repeat Sequences / genetics
IF 6.141
Lotus / Glycine Gifu B-129 L. burttii B-303 Miyakojima MG-20 RI-001 RI-002 RI-006 RI-007 RI-011 RI-012 RI-017 RI-019 RI-027 RI-031 RI-035 RI-036 RI-039 RI-040 RI-041 RI-042 RI-043 RI-044 RI-045 RI-049 RI-051 RI-165 RI-053 RI-058 RI-167 RI-063 RI-177 RI-068 RI-069 RI-180 RI-076 RI-187 RI-080 RI-188 RI-083 RI-195 RI-086 RI-202 RI-087 RI-094 RI-204 RI-095 RI-096 RI-097 RI-098 RI-100 RI-109 RI-117 RI-119 RI-124 RI-126 RI-129 RI-130 RI-131 RI-133 RI-137 RI-138 RI-140 RI-141 RI-142 RI-144 RI-145 RI-147 RI-148 RI-149 RI-150 RI-151 RI-152 RI-153 RI-157 RI-158 RI-160 RI-161 RI-162 RI-163 RI-164 RI-166 RI-168 RI-169 RI-170 RI-171 RI-172 RI-173 RI-174 RI-176 RI-178 RI-181 RI-182 RI-183 RI-185 RI-186 RI-189 RI-190 RI-191 RI-192 RI-193 RI-194 RI-196 RI-197 RI-198 RI-199 RI-200 RI-201 RI-203 RI-205 RI-003 RI-004 RI-008 RI-010 RI-014 RI-015 RI-016 RI-018 RI-020 RI-021 RI-022 RI-023 RI-024 RI-026 RI-028 RI-029 RI-030 RI-032 RI-033 RI-034 RI-038 RI-046 RI-048 RI-050 RI-052 RI-055 RI-056 RI-057 RI-060 RI-061 RI-062 RI-064 RI-066 RI-067 RI-070 RI-071 RI-072 RI-073 RI-074 RI-075 RI-077 RI-078 RI-081 RI-082 RI-084 RI-085 RI-088 RI-089 RI-090 RI-091 RI-092 RI-099 RI-102 RI-103 RI-104 RI-105 RI-106 RI-108 RI-110 RI-111 RI-113 RI-114 RI-115 RI-116 RI-118 RI-121 RI-123 RI-125 RI-128 RI-132 RI-134 RI-136 RI-154 RI-155 RI-156 RI-159