RRC ID 73964
Author Inouye S, Suzuki T.
Title Protein expression of preferred human codon-optimized Gaussia luciferase genes with an artificial open-reading frame in mammalian and bacterial cells.
Journal Protein Expr Purif
Abstract The protein expressions of three preferred human codon-optimized Gaussia luciferase genes (pGLuc, EpGLuc, and KpGLuc) were characterized in mammalian and bacterial cells by comparing them with those of wild-type Gaussia luciferase gene (wGLuc) and human codon-optimized Gaussia luciferase gene (hGLuc). Two synthetic genes of EpGLuc and KpGLuc containing the complete preferred human codons have an artificial open-reading frame; however, they had the similar protein expression levels to those of pGLuc and hGLuc in mammalian cells. In bacterial cells, the protein expressions of pGLuc, EpGLuc, and KpGLuc with approximately 65% GC content were the same and showed approximately 60% activities of wGLuc and hGLuc. The artificial open-reading frame in EpGLuc and KpGLuc did not affect the protein expression in mammalian and bacterial cells.
Volume 128
Pages 93-100
Published 2016-12-1
DOI 10.1016/j.pep.2016.08.006
PII S1046-5928(16)30154-1
PMID 27506135
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IF 1.513
DNA material pJNC-pGLuc (RDB19855)