RRC ID 74764
Author Mazzolini J, Le Clerc S, Morisse G, Coulonges C, Zagury JF, Sieger D.
Title Wasl is crucial to maintain microglial core activities during glioblastoma initiation stages.
Journal Glia
Abstract Microglia actively promotes the growth of high-grade gliomas. Within the glioma microenvironment an amoeboid microglial morphology has been observed, however the underlying causes and the related impact on microglia functions and their tumor promoting activities is unclear. Using the advantages of the larval zebrafish model, we identified the underlying mechanism and show that microglial morphology and functions are already impaired during glioma initiation stages. The presence of pre-neoplastic HRasV12 expressing cells induces an amoeboid morphology of microglia, increases microglial numbers and decreases their motility and phagocytic activity. RNA sequencing analysis revealed lower expression levels of the actin nucleation promoting factor wasla in microglia. Importantly, a microglia specific rescue of wasla expression restores microglial morphology and functions. This results in increased phagocytosis of pre-neoplastic cells and slows down tumor progression. In conclusion, we identified a mechanism that de-activates core microglial functions within the emerging glioma microenvironment. Restoration of this mechanism might provide a way to impair glioma growth.
Volume 70(6)
Pages 1027-1051
Published 2022-6-1
DOI 10.1002/glia.24154
PMID 35194846
PMC PMC9306864
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Zebrafish Tg(zic1:Gal4VP16/UAS:GFP)