RRC ID 77910
Author Evers A, Krah S, Demir D, Gaa R, Elter D, Schroeter C, Zielonka S, Rasche N, Dotterweich J, Knuehl C, Doerner A.
Title Engineering hydrophobicity and manufacturability for optimized biparatopic antibody-drug conjugates targeting c-MET.
Journal MAbs
Abstract Optimal combinations of paratopes assembled into a biparatopic antibody have the capacity to mediate high-grade target cross-linking on cell membranes, leading to degradation of the target, as well as antibody and payload delivery in the case of an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). In the work presented here, molecular docking suggested a suitable paratope combination targeting c-MET, but hydrophobic patches in essential binding regions of one moiety necessitated engineering. In addition to rational design of HCDR2 and HCDR3 mutations, site-specific spiking libraries were generated and screened in yeast and mammalian surface display approaches. Comparative analyses revealed similar positions amendable for hydrophobicity reduction, with a broad combinatorial diversity obtained from library outputs. Optimized variants showed high stability, strongly reduced hydrophobicity, retained affinities supporting the desired functionality and enhanced producibility. The resulting biparatopic anti-c-MET ADCs were comparably active on c-MET expressing tumor cell lines as REGN5093 exatecan DAR6 ADC. Structural molecular modeling of paratope combinations for preferential inter-target binding combined with protein engineering for manufacturability yielded deep insights into the capabilities of rational and library approaches. The methodologies of in silico hydrophobicity identification and sequence optimization could serve as a blueprint for rapid development of optimal biparatopic ADCs targeting further tumor-associated antigens in the future.
Volume 16(1)
Pages 2302386
Published 2024-1-1
DOI 10.1080/19420862.2024.2302386
PMID 38214660
PMC PMC10793681
MeSH Animals Antineoplastic Agents* Cell Line, Tumor Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions Immunoconjugates* / chemistry Immunoconjugates* / genetics Mammals Molecular Docking Simulation
IF 4.634
Human and Animal Cells EBC-1(RCB1965)