RRC ID 79091
Author Yao H, Shen Y, Song Z, Han A, Chen X, Zhang Y, Hu B.
Title Rab11 promotes single Mauthner cell axon regeneration in vivo through axon guidance molecule Ntng2b.
Journal Exp Neurol
Abstract Effective axon regeneration within the central nervous system (CNS) is pivotal for achieving functional recovery following spinal cord injury (SCI). Numerous extrinsic and intrinsic factors exert influences on the axon regeneration. While prior studies have demonstrated crucial involvement of specific members the Rab protein family in axon regeneration in the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the precise function of Rab11 in CNS axon regeneration in vivo remains elusive. Thus, our study aimed to elucidate the impact of Rab11 on the axon regeneration of Mauthner cells (M-cells) in zebrafish larvae. Our findings demonstrated that overexpression of Rab11bb via single-cell electroporation significantly promoted axon regeneration in individual M-cells. Conversely, knockdown of Rab11bb inhibited the axon regeneration of M-cells. RNA-seq analysis revealed an upregulation of ntng2b following Rab11bb overexpression. As we hypothesized, overexpression of Ntng2b markedly enhanced axon regeneration, while Ntng2b knockdown in the context of Rab11bb pro-regeneration substantially hindered axon regrowth. In conclusion, our study demonstrated that Rab11 promotes axon regeneration of single M-cell in the CNS through the Rab11/axon guidance/Ntng2b pathway.
Volume 374
Pages 114715
Published 2024-4-1
DOI 10.1016/j.expneurol.2024.114715
PII S0014-4886(24)00041-4
PMID 38325655
MeSH Animals Axon Guidance Axons* / physiology Nerve Regeneration Spinal Cord Injuries* Zebrafish
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