RRC ID 79215
Author Sun Z, Inagaki S, Miyoshi K, Saito K, Hayashi S.
Title Osiris gene family defines the cuticle nanopatterns of Drosophila.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Nanostructures of pores and protrusions in the insect cuticle modify molecular permeability and surface wetting, and help insects sense various environmental cues. However, the cellular mechanisms that modify cuticle nanostructures are poorly understood. Here, we elucidate how insect-specific Osiris family genes are expressed in various cuticle-secreting cells in the Drosophila head during the early stages of cuticle secretion and cover nearly the entire surface of the head epidermis. Furthermore, we demonstrate how each sense organ cell with various cuticular nanostructures expressed a unique combination of Osiris genes. Osiris gene mutations cause various cuticle defects in the corneal nipples and pores of the chemosensory sensilla. Thus, our study emphasizes on the importance of Osiris genes for elucidating cuticle nanopatterning in insects.
Published 2024-4-23
DOI 10.1093/genetics/iyae065
PII 7656746
PMID 38652268
Drosophila 15585R-1 1150R-2 1150R-1 HMJ23917 10303R-2 10303R-3 1151R-2 1151R-3 15591R-1 15591R-6 15592R-1 15592R-2 1169R-1 15596R-2 1169R-3 15596R-3 15189R-1 15189R-2 1154R-2 15188R-2 1154R-1 15188R-3 15538Ra-1 15595R-1 15538Ra-2 15595R-2 15589R-4 15589R-1 1155R-1 1155R-4